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Nov 20, 2008 09:59 AM

Vida or La Posta?

Has anyone been to either of these recently?

I am looking fora good place to go in santa cruz for a rare kid free night out with my DH and friends.

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  1. Last ate at La Posta about 2 months ago and thought it was ok. One dish (the contorno of gigante beans) was very good, the gnocchi w/ duck ragu was solid, while the appetizer and pizza were misses. Overall, the execution and seasoning were very uneven, and the wine pours seemed on the stingy side. I much prefer their sister restaurant dowtown, Soif.

    Had dinner this past Wed. night at Limoncello on Water St. and was generally impressed w/ the food. The bresaola w/ arugula, shaved parmesan and lemon juice was outstanding and perfectly balanced. All of us were very happy with our mains and our shared bottle of barbera. Their housemade pastas are on the pricey side at $20+ but very worth it. Generous portions too. They suffer from a poor location and tight space w/ small tables, but the chef knows what he is doing. It can be very quiet if it's not that crowded.

    For a livelier atmosphere w/ good food, I would opt for Soif or Avanti. Oswald is also supposed to be re-opening soon. I noticed that Gabriella is advertising a 333 special (3 courses for $33) during weeknights and maybe Sun. so I may check them out soon. I haven't eaten there since Sean Baker became the head chef. Haven't tried Vida since Nicci Tripp is now head chef. Have a nice evening out and please report back wherever you end up!