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Nov 20, 2008 09:28 AM

Restaurants w/private rooms for a graduation party this december OR other grad ideas???

I plan to have a large party, around 20, to celebrate my graduation from undergrad. Can't do a cookout because its a december graduation. I was thinking of having it in a private room at a restaurant. Any suggestions on places that are not too expensive?

Also any ideas on other ways to celebrate graduation in the colder months??


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  1. is this request for the entire Balt-Wash metro area?

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      1. re: chicken kabob

        Oh...No.....2941 is WAY to $$$$....
        I had dinner there for 12 people and it was $1900.00 with wine...

        If you are looking for less $$ and great food, Check Clydes @ Broadlands, Paulo's @ Reston or Jaleo restaurants....

    1. Well I graduate from Univ of Maryland in College Park... So DC or MD (no Balt)

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      1. re: klesuo

        The Palm in Tysons Corner or Ruth Chris Steak house in Bethesda each have private rooms
        If your group is willing to try something different, how about Woomy Garden for Korean Barbeque in Wheaton. They have semi private rooms that would fit 20 at a couple of tables

        Also, Positano Ristorante for Italian in Bethesda

        1. re: dining with doc

          thanks everyone, those are some good suggestions! The Korean barbeque in wheaton isn't too far from College Park, either... keep the ideas coming if you have them!
          ALSO>what do you guys think of something more fun, like Lucky Strike, to celebrate a graduation??

      2. Hi Klesuo. Congratulations on your graduation. An important consideration--are you paying for the party or are guests going to pay for their own portion? We threw a birthday party recently at Wildfire in Tysons II. It was great but with upgraded food, wine, etc. it is not what I would expect a new grad to pay.