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Nov 20, 2008 08:24 AM

Enchanted by Nob Hill Grille

After reading some positive reports here, I finally stopped in Nob Hill Grille on my way home from errands.

In a nutshell: what an enchanting neighborhood spot. In a town full of lovely brunch restaurants, NHG might not be a destination. But for those who sometimes pass by and dismiss it as just another corner diner, you owe yourselves a trip behind those unassuming glass doors.

NHG straddles the fence between diner and sit down restaurant. The grill is out in the open, and the servers and cooks are pretty chatty with those sitting at the bar. However, there's a section of tables down some stairs in the back of the restaurant, and that area is an oasis of quiet. I sat largely undisturbed, enjoying my meal and a newspaper while watching the people go by outside the large windows. Fresh coffee is free flowing, and the room is as elegant and clean as in most fine establishments in the city.

Now, the food. Short menu, classic diner far, and a nod to local/sustainable ingredients. I had the corned beef hash, which was good but not as meltingly tender as that at Canteen. I don't have too many pointes of reference for fresh corned beef hash, but the dish was satisfying for my inner carnivore. Large chunks of beef, soft but slightly chewy the way slab bacon is. The home fries were large chunks of crispy fried potatoes that occassionally exploded with the flavor of butter encapsulated in the fried edges, and the eggs were perfectly poached.

Huge portion, by the way. I had enough left over to feed me and my husband a small breakfast this morning. The bil was $11 or $12 for corned beef hash and a coffee. I will certainly be back, perhaps to explore the lunch menu or try the french toast.

closeup photo:

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  1. Thanks for the report, Pei. As you may see elsewhere, we'll be looking to branch out for brekky/brunch spots on our next visit, and I'm a big fan of breakfast in walking distance of our hotel.

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      Nob Hill Grille Restaurant
      969 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94109