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Melting Pot - and some general gripes

went to the melting pot in boston. wasn't really planning on it, but there was a parking spot right near the place and it was a perfect night for fondue. the atmosphere was nice, the wait staff was attentive. we ordered the beer fondue, it was fine. no beers on draft though. the veggies they gave us were lame (celery and cauliflower - my two most hated veggies) and the apples were really tart. not local, which is just crazy pathetic. all together, the fondue, two salads and two glasses of wine came to $50. i'm okay with that.

now for the general gripes.

what's the deal with iceberg lettuce? why does this stuff still get served? it's all pale and yellow where ever i go. is it that hard to put something green in my salad? red leaf, mesclun, anything...please!!!

also - top 40 music while dining. for the love of god please stop. most places probably have 5000 sattelite stations to pick from, and they chose the one that plays beyonce and pink. ugh - it makes my food taste evil.

joanie - maybe we can get these people to play all scandinavian hardcore all the time...woop!

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  1. While there are plenty of contenders, Melting Pot may be my most hated restaurant anywhere. I'd rather eat at Taco Bell.

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      I think PF Changs, Red Lobster and other mid-range chains (Chilis, Red Robin, etc) are far worse.

      1. re: OCAnn

        Melting Pot is pretty far from "mid-priced".

    2. It's a pathetic chain of medicore high priced glop. It's a theme place to have fun but, don't expect any quality there.

      1. The top 40 seems to go perfectly with their midwestern mall vibe.

        1. You are really OK paying $50 for some melted cheese and some yellow iceberg lettuce?

          I saw a review of this place in the Herald last week, and it just seemed outrageously overpriced for what it is.

          1. This place is a few notches below melting velveeta over a sterno out on the woods. Don't even think of taking the kids unless you bring your banker.

            1. I have never been to one, and after reading all the posts on how lousy it is, I doubt I will for dinner (there was a place on Long Island that had a really great (and affordable) fondue so I am spoiled. BUT, I was wondering how the dessert fondues are? I could see myself stopping by there someday for a chocolate overload. Any opinions on their "vats o' chocolate goo"? :P

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                There's NOTHING special about their dessert fondues other than the assurance that they're always on the menu if you have a craving and an expense account.

              2. Apparently, I'm the only one who actually likes the place. Always had great service, the food has been good, and wife and I have been able to enjoy ourselves.

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                  You're not alone. While I've had fondue in Switzerland, MP's Amercanised fondue is quite good. Yes, it's pricey, but service has always been great and the food, solid.

                  We usually skip the salad for two reasons:
                  1. It's not good and
                  2. with the entree & dessert, the salad becomes too much food.

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                    You're not alone.....My DH and I also enjoy the food there.

                  2. I just can't see going based on the prices posted on their web site. I mean, a full meal without drinks will run $50 per person. I can go to some of the nicest restaurants in town for that kind of money.

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                      Agree...if I want amercianized fondue for $50 I'll go to the cheese section and buy one of those prepared fondue boxes with the Swiss flag on it for $6....and then go to the wine store and spend the other $40 on a GREAT bottle of wine...still up by $4 for my meal and I can feed 2 more for free.