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Nov 20, 2008 08:05 AM

Canh Chua (Tom) Soup???

I still miss the Canh Chua from the seemingly never returning Saigon Grill on the UES. For those who have never had Canh Chua, it's an amazing Vietnamese hot and sour soup with chucks of pineapple and tomato and it's delicious!

I LOVE this soup and I'm COLD!

Beside the other Saigon locations, anybody have recommendations for a standout bowl of Canh Chua...or preferably Canh Chua Tom (seafood).



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  1. I think most Vietnamnese restaurants in Chinatown serve it. Doyers, Thai Son, Pho Nha, just to name a few. Doyers also serves it as hot pot for sharing between 2-3 ppl.

    I have not tried the version at Saigon Grill so I can't compare in terms of taste.

    1. Nha Trang Center makes a very, very good one with salmon.