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Nov 20, 2008 07:51 AM

scarpetta: help w/ winelist?

i'm taking my fiance for an anniversary dinner @ scarpetta. I love wine but going through a big list of unknowns to me is a daunting task. Has anyone dined here with a recommendation for a red?

Appreciate any help. cheers

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  1. price range?? if no matter, go italian big reds 1990- 1995-1997 super tuscans, brunellos,barolos, amarones

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    1. re: intrepid

      trying to keep it under 150-175 i think anythin more expensive would go over my head. any good value on the list? i know it will be overpriced

      1. re: jon462

        im unimpressed with their italian reds

    2. i'm usually not very into Italian wine, but i've liked a lot of the things i've sampled by the glass at Scarpetta...

      a good rec will depend on what you decide to order for food...if you want to explore various wines, consider trying a few different things by the glass to pair w/ your various courses...the staff at Scarpetta are superb: they'll gladly let you sip various wines and will make recommendations based on your tastes and food selections...if you like/dislike some of the things you try sips of by the glass, then they'll be able to recommend a bottle that suits your palate if you decide to go the bottle route...

      1. Instead of just asking for what wine to recommend, can you provide what you and your fiance plan on ordering?

        For example, I wouldn't recommend that you order a big Italian red if you'll have it with some light delicate fish dish.

        1. I think their list has a lot of value, particularly outside Tuscany. Some of the Aglianicos look good as to many of the others. Best move might be to ask for recs in a certain price range. They poured me some nice ones last time I was there and I have a fairly good palate

          1. I'm big into Italian wines and because I don't like to buy high end bottles in restaurants, I have to tell you that this is a great Piedmont wine for a very fair price.

            2106 Barbera d Mba, Dante Rivetti, Mara 2005 $41

            For a little more, I like this:
            2104 Barbaresco, Produtorri del Barbaresco 2004 $69