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Nov 20, 2008 07:50 AM

Poutine in Seattle

There is an extensive post on the best fries in the city...but where can I get some poutine?


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  1. i think Steelhead Diner serves it (haven't tried it).

    1. The Steel Head Diner has the best classic poutine I've had in the city.

      Quinn's has something in the vein of a poutine, but a little richer, and classier. It's fries with fontina chunks, and a veal demi glace in place of the gravy. You can even get it with fois gras.

      1. Shadowland in West Seattle. But seriously, we're not talking about E. Canada or Vermont here, so don't expect a perfect translation of a regional curiosity (tasty one that it is).

        1. They serve it at the Skillet truck. And agree with Dawsonct, they're not what you recall from Montreal.

          (Also, I've been down on Skillet recently. I feel like they're a little too popular for what they can handle, the last couple of times I've been have kind of been a shit show...)

          1. Steelhead's is good, although I agree with others that you will not suddenly think you are in Montreal.

            Quinn's has been serving it recently as well.