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Nov 20, 2008 07:48 AM

freezer organization

With the approaching holidays, I have begun to think a lot about how to maximize space in my freezer. We can't afford/don't have a place to put a second unit although we could certainly use one.

Right now in our non-side by side model we keep our ice cream bowl (yes, it's cold outside but homemade ice cream is good all year long), several loaves of bread, a dozen-ish homemade muffins (for quick breakfasts), coffee, frozen vegs, and something I refer to as the "turkey" (a several pound gel ice pack that fits over the shoulder and is butterball blue). It just seems like there isn't room for holiday baking, etc.

How do you organize? So you have a system? Gadgets? Help!

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  1. If you're simply talking about more room for the holidays why don't you get rid of the gel pack and the ice cream freezer? If you need either one of those things, you can certainly toss it in a re-freeze it but it sure sounds like those 2 things are just taking up space. Start eating up all that bread! Use some for stuffing.

    1. I can understand the "pack rat" syndrome, but under no circumstances would I waste precious freezer space on breads (or related food groups) and coffee, unless I really had the room. On the other hand not being a coffee drinker, I hear freezing coffee ruins the flavor. Other than finding some riser-racks to stack freezer items, try to eliminate unnecessary boxes like frozen ice cream treats or in my case bulk boxed goods.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I have to say that my partner is the pack rat. He thinks we are "out" of something if there are only two left in the house. He uses the ice pack daily but you are right about the ice cream freezer. We will just have to plan ahead and put it in the freezer when we need it.