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Nov 20, 2008 07:27 AM

Close to Vaughan Mills for lunch

Any good places close to Vaughan Mills for lunch on Sunday? Any type of food is OK.


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  1. I really really love Yangs Teppanyaki and Sushi. It is in one of the plazas directly in front of Vaughan Mills. I do not have a large amount of experience with Japanese visit to Kaji as of yet, but I really love this place and go quite often. The food is delicious, fresh, and the service is always very good and polite. I have not had the teppanyaki but always stick to the regular menu. There is also Marcello's in one of the adjoining plazas which is good for Pasta and not order the risotto (not executed properly) or secondi (boring); their specialty is the pasta and pizza (I really like their Linguine Pescatore...however the portion is HUGE) There is a PHO 99 near Yangs where I get take out Pho when at work which is usually quite busy for lunch and although it is not the best Pho I have had, it is decent. And there is also a Peaktop Chinese Cuisine....I have only been once and we ordered Peking duck, which we enjoyed but I do not know how their other offering are. I would NOT recommend the Korean BBQ/Super Burger; our experience was not very good. I have been to several of the restaurants in the vicinity so if you don't like these suggestions, I can try to give you more. Also, I am most often in the area during the week as I work near by and occasionally on weekend nights. I have not been for Sunday lunch so it may be better to check their websites for their hours of operation. Enjoy!!!

    1. Maybe try La Taquiza (try to search the board about this place - there was a long post about it). It's on the plaza/ complex right behind Vaughan Mills.

      1. Grill 4 U. Best shawarma up there.