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Nov 20, 2008 07:24 AM

Hardy's Bakery (Lawrence) Apple Pie

Does anyone remember Hardy's bakery in South Lawrence, steps from St. Patrick's church?

I used to love their apple pie that came with the cream under the top crust.

I'm so sad that they (and Pappy's, and Gangi's Fish market, and so many other great Lawrence spots) are gone.

Do any other pie purveyors have anything that approximates that Hardy's pie?

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  1. it is sad to see them disapper however the city seems to be booming so hopefully someone can come in and fill the void that they left

    1. The Pie Guy in Salem NH makes an apple cream pie.

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      1. re: HIW

        Hi Jarrod...I hope so. Hate to see generations go. HIW, where is the Pie Guy?

      2. Lawrence needs another fish place BADLY!! you can make a killing here if its in the right location. Everyone goes to North Andover.

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        1. re: insanelomein

          hey fish market on hampshire street is a great place for fish..they cook on fridays...always fresh and really good.......