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Nov 20, 2008 06:58 AM

Miami, FT.Lauderdale ...China Grill Group......

Looking for some feedback on China Grill , Tuscan Steak , Blue Door and Kobe Club.....have a gift certificate and would like to know which one would be my best bet!.....Thanks!

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  1. I enjoy both China Grill and Kobe Club, though I'm careful what to order in China Grill, as there are some odd disappointments (curry lobster?! blech). I did not enjoy Tuscan Steak as much but it definitely has its followers. Really, people enjoy all the locales mentioned, though I will warn that Kobe Club tends to be a bit more sedate scenewise than the other three, unless it's picked up momentum.

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      Hey, appreciate the info....thanks!!

    2. China Grill is my favorite of the bunch --, the spicy beef dumplings, grilled szechuan beef, and miso cod are all consistently very good. I've been to the Kobe Club in NYC once and it was good as well, but I like China Grill more.