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Nov 20, 2008 06:23 AM

What's New on the Brunch Scene, Philly?

Haven't been out for brunch in awhile and looking to do so this weekend. Not looking for a splurge, like Lacriox, but more of a really excellent, but casual brunch place. To give you an idea of what we like, our past faves have included N. 3rd (love their bloodies!), Honey Sit-n-Eat (love their bacon!), Apamate (love the churros!), and Sabrina's.

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  1. I've been meaning to try out Marigold Kitchen and I read in a recent post that Meme has a great brunch.

    Standard Tap has an excellent brunch.

    1. not new, but I have always enjoyed brunch at Royal Tavern and Beau Monde. I did have a good brunch at The Witch on Moyamensing just below Washington. It was a few weeks ago and they were very new, but they said they were going to have a bloody mary "bar" so you could make your own. Very inexpensive

      1. Not really new, but Cafe Estelle is great. Everything is homemade including the sausage, which my BF and I fought over. Highly recommended.

        1. Tinto just announced that they will be serving brunch, and the menu looks great. Also, I know many people are negative, but I love Marathon's brunch. We usually go to Marathon on the Square, but I think all the locations might have the same brunch menu.

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            Marathon on the Square offers a much nicer (more upscale) environment than their other locations. Since the food and prices are the same, I prefer the Square location for a better experience. At night, it's dimly lit for ambiance. It's my go-to spot when my sponteneous after work group is indecisive. I can't cooment though on their brunch, as I've only been for lunch and dinner.

          2. I've enjoyed brunch at Azul (10th and Spruce) and am interested in trying Kanella for brunch across the street.

            I second the Royal Tavern and Beau Monde recs, they are each a good standby, although Beau Monde gets really busy these days. Also a standby is the 10th Street Pour House. Love their Mississippi Eggs Benedict with fried catfish!