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Nov 20, 2008 05:45 AM

Help!!!! How do you freeze and mail cheesecake?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this board and I'm hoping someone can help me with my dilemna.
My brother's friend lives in New York and wants me to send him a Sweet Potato Cheesecake for Thanksgiving. Is there a way to deep freeze (for how long) and mail the dessert without or with least complications?

Thanks for all answers in advance!

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  1. I've never tried it, but it's my understanding that cheesecake doesn't freeze well, It loses it's smooth texture and becomes rather gritty.

    1. Sounds like a ton of trouble to me too. You can freeze it and pack it in a cooler with frozen ice packs or dry ice (do NOT use regular ice - if the shipping company sees that a package is leaking I can assure you that it will not make it to it's destination).

      How long do you have to freeze it? I just conferred with a colleague and Mr. Obvious says freeze it until it's frozen.

      You will have to ship it overnight. You are going to be very surprised when you see how much it costs to send a 15 lb cooler filled with cheesecake and freezer packs overnight, let alone the time and effort you have to go through to get it there... If I were you, I'd tell your brother's friend that you're flattered he wants one of your cheesecakes, but it's just too much trouble.

      1. Inasmuch as Harry and David have been freezing their cheese cake for more years than I can remember, and mailing it all over the world, I see no reason why you couldn't accomplish the same thing. Cheese cake becomes gritty and unpleasant when it's frozen IF it is not frozen correctly. The biggest enemy is the fact that many people don't use a suitable wrapper. The plastic wrap MUST be air tight. Most plastic wraps you buy at the supermarket leak air - yep, even if you can't blow air through the product it will slowly leak air and that means moisture goes with it. Must make sure you've got a very good wrap (vacuum packing probably works best) and when you ship it place it in a very well insulated container with a bit of "dry ice" wrapped and near (but not contacting) the cheesecake. Send it priority next day service (just about every shipping company has this kind of service available - I prefer FedEx) and you should be successful.

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          Todao mentioned sending it "Priority" I want to mention that you should not use USPS. Priority is a US postal service package term - just a suggestion. USPS has "tracking" numbers too, but they really don't track anything and they don't work very well. If you happen to go through with this, use UPS or FedEx.

          Also Harry & David have large scale shipping operations and I can guarantee you that they have discounted volume shipping rates because they ship so much. They also buy all their supplies in bulk and all their goods are likely air tight and flash frozen to lessen the quality loss. In other words, compared to the average Joe it will cost them far less money to ship something and the product will be far better when it arrives at it's destination.