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Nov 20, 2008 05:21 AM

Where to buy fancy jams in Edmonton?

Hi there,

We're visiting my in-laws in Edmonton in a couple of weeks and they love their morning jam. But they're incredibly frugal and never splurge on the good stuff.

Any leads on where I can get some quality high end jams/ spreads/ curd etc...?


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  1. Italian Centre, Sunterra...not sure what you mean by fancy, but those would probably be the ones with the biggest selection of jams by small commercial producers (Stonewall Kitchen, etc.).

    A better bet might be go to to a farmers market and get some local stuff though, even some for them to take home.

    1. I would add to Dan's very good suggestions, that Zenari's downtown Manulife Place has a nice little selection of 'fancy' products, including jams. (They also have tapenades, dips, olive oils, mustards, etc.) A favourite brand of mine is Hero - fruity goodness that's not too sweet. I've seen it in Safeway from time to time - it may not be fancy but it sure is yummy.

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        You can get Hero in the regular grocery stores too (Sobey's, Save On Foods, etc.).

        I know at Sobey's they sell this one brand that is supposed to be French I believe - the fig jam is great.

        The best jam though, has to be from the Jam Lady at the downtown farmer's market. Too bad it's not active in the winter!

      2. In the line of frugal, let me recommend Winner's. They usually have close outs from major wholesalers on their shelves. You can find top brands from Europe, such as Darbo, Fauchon and Harrod's. Half price?

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