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Nov 20, 2008 04:59 AM

Jacket Required Question. Please Help!

Ok so I know this is gonna sound stupid but I went shopping yesterday for my upcoming NY trip in which I will be dining at restaurans like Per Se and Daniel who require a jacket. Now I'm a short skinny 21 yr. old kid and I swear all the suit jackets I tried on just make me look so silly. Suit jackets just don't look right on me. So my question is if yall think I could get away with this jacket which fits be perfect and I just feel much more comfortable in. I will be wearing of course nice shows and dress paints with a nice cashmere sweater since its winter time. Now its the khaki color not the blue!

Please let me know yalls opinons! Thanks!

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  1. I don't think this would work.

    1. A wind breaker? Are you serious?

      1. Nope, I really don't think that will work. I'd just try and find a navy blazer even if you think it doesn't look right on you.

          1. Ok I thought I'd ask. Now that I know I need to go get a suit jacket my next question is do they make you wear it thoughout your meal or can you check it in?

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              You wear it throughout the meal. It's actually technically incorrect to arrive somewhere in a suit jacket/sports jacket and then remove it. And, just to clarify, what I think you are looking for is called a sports jacket or a blazer, not a suit jacket, unless you intend to buy a suit.

              1. re: cgervais45

                You keep it on throughout the meal.

                If you can't find a blazer that fits you well, you are looking at the wrong store. If you go to a proper store, with proper salesmen, they will be able to identify certain brands that will fit you better. Some brands are better designed for skinnier people.

                1. re: cgervais45

                  You need to wear it throughout your meal. I read a story once where a guy removed his jacket at Per Se during his meal because he was too hot. The restaurant asked him to put the jacket back on and adjusted the thermostat.

                  And if you think that your jackets are too large for you, you should look into European designers where they tend to cut their stuff a lot slimmer. It's all about finding the right fit.

                  1. re: cgervais45

                    It gets confusing doesn't it? "Jacket" in the formal sense means "dinner jacket" (formal wear, black tie, etc.), however in a restaurant situation it means "sports coat/blazer or better."

                    It's interesting how requirements have changed over time. It use to be a place would state "coat and tie" required, meaning "sports coat or better" and tie.

                    Any way, I've taken off my jacket at the French Laundry a few times but that might be California rules dining.

                    1. re: ML8000

                      Along these lines, I had reservations at a restaurant that stated "formal attire for gentlemen." We were traveling and I hated to pack a dinner jacket, or a tux. I mentioned to our host, my problem - I had only brought a black suit. Would this work?

                      He had me call this restaurant in Phoenix, AZ, and I asked about "formal attire." "Collared shirts," was the reply. So much for "formal attire" in Phoenix. Still, I always wear a blazer to dine in fine-dining establishments, even there.


                    2. re: cgervais45

                      I am from the "Old South." The rule is that a gentleman never removes his jacket, unless he's covering a mud puddle for a lady. Now, that's a bit harsh and anachronistic, as well. Still, in my adult life, I have only removed my jacket once and that was during a particularly hot spell in Phoenix. We were seated indoors, and the AC was not working. At my wife's instance, I finally took off the blazer. People were having to go outside to "catch their breath."

                      Even when dining in the Tropics, I never remove my jacket - never.

                      Once, at the Ritz in London, while in the bar, I went to remove my jacket, as I was having a fine Cuban with my Port. My server stopped by and whispered, "a gentleman is not allowed to remove his jacket, even with a cigar." This was the bar, not the dining room. My blazer went to the cleaners on Half Moon St., as I had to wear it for two more dining occasions on that trip, and did not want the aroma of the cigar to intrude on the meals, yet to come.