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best inexpensive seafood restaurant?

looking for a no-frills good seafood restaurant for a group dining experience.
casual, good food, ie. fish and chips, lobster rolls?
anyone like blt fish shack? they seem a bit pricey, but as long as its good?


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      1. I hope this isn't too late.

        I was underwhelmed by Mary's and it seemed too expensive for what it was. I like Mermaid but it seems to get mixed reviews here, after the chef left.

        You may want to consider Tides. http://www.tidesseafood.com/

        1. Pearl Oyster for lobster roll, offshoots haven't done it but I would suggest Aquagrill over anything mentioned for overall quality and breadth of menu.

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            I would suggest Aquagrill as well, but not sure its the no-frills fish and chips/lobster roll type of place the OP is looking for.

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              jdf, agreed on that but the confusion comes from the original.
              There are no Maine seafood shacks or places of the no-frills variety, really.
              Pearl or any other lroll joint, well, the price of the main attraction will be plenty high.
              So either that or the best and most fairly priced seafood eatery will fit the bill.
              I am not sure but I think she is covered either way. There are no other types of places, really, in town.

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              Totally agree with Pearl Oyster Bar. It's the best for lobster rolls and has some delicious fresh, basic fish dishes.

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                I love Pearl's, but I would NOT categorize it as INEXPENSIVE

              1. Ditch Plains could work. TIdes is not good for a group - it's too small.


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                  Tides is really small, but its so small that you might be able to rent the whole place out if that's how you want to roll. We had it on our list for a holiday dinner option a couple years ago here at our office, and if I recall it was actually pretty affordable. I think there are like 2 booths and then maybe 4-5 smaller tables, so you'd probably need a sizable group (20ish). I have seen them use all of the small tables to make one big table for a group reservation before though, so 10 is probably also possible, without renting the whole place. You will absolutely need a reservation though.

                  Their fried clams and oysters are the best I've had anywhere, no joke. And I love their bouillabaisse. Mmmmmm.