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Nov 20, 2008 02:50 AM

Drinks at Sixteen and a dining question

Two questions for everyone. We're in town this weekend for two nights. Staying at Hotel Sax and want to go over to the Trump Hotel for a cocktail. Is there a bar in Sixteen that we can go for just a drink? If so what's the dress code? Next, we need a dinner suggestion. Saturday night we're going to Volare which is a requirement for us everytime we're in Chicago. But we're undecided for Friday night. This past summer we checked out Graham Elliot and enjoyed it. We're looking for something along that line but we want to stay in jeans and sweaters and try to stay comfortable that night. I've read a lot about Blackbird and Custom House and know everyone's thoughts on those two. Those two are on our list right now. Does anyone have any other suggestions along those lines? Does that give you enough info? Thanks for your help.

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  1. I would choose Aigre Doux as first choice, and Naha as a backup choice. Aigre Doux is my favorite of these "casual fine dining" places (replacing one sixtyblue at the top of my list of favorites at least until I try it under their new chef), with exceptional food in a trendy, classy atmosphere. Naha is also very good. I've eaten at both Blackbird and Custom House this year, and both are very good but imperfect (cramped and noisy at Blackbird, and disappointing desserts at Custom House).

    I would choose Aigre Doux regardless of its location, but the fact that both Aigre Doux and Naha are just a couple blocks walk from your hotel (whereas you'll probably want a cab to both Blackbird and Custom House) is a bonus.

    The attire norm is "business casual" at all of these places, and you could get away with nice jeans at any of them.

    These are all good places with good food, and although I have stated differences as reasons for choosing one over another, you'll probably get a good dinner at any of them.

    I haven't been to Sixteen yet; hopefully another Chowhounder can answer your questions about it.

    1. I'm not sure about Sixteen, but if you wanted to have a drink at the Trump Hotel, you could always just go to Rebar, instead of the restaurant. I've just been there for after work drinks, so mostly everyone was in suits.