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Nov 20, 2008 01:51 AM

La Bascula - Barcelona Veggie Heaven

Although I am the kind of guy who tries to eat as many different animals as possible in one meal, I do get tired of meat three times a day. Just had dinner at La Bascula. Absolutely loved it. MASSIVE portions, great value. Spend 6 euros here and you will be full to bursting. Great selection of hot and cold sandwiches. I had the veggie soup and veggie burger - awesome. G/f had brie/raisin/spinach/other veggies panini which was off the charts good (4.50 euro). Great guacamole. Although didn't try them, they have multiple pages for smoothies/milkshakes/teas, all of which I hear are great. All in all, a really nice change of pace and great value in el Born. Cool decor. Food came out fast. Will definitely be returning.

La Bascula
Carrer dels Flassaders 30 bis. Tel. 93 319 9866
From what I read on the door, looks like only open for dinner except on saturdays, where it opens at 1PM. I easily could be mistaken though.

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