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Nov 20, 2008 12:30 AM

tortas & tacos near polanco?

hi everyone,

we're going to be in DF all day friday and saturday morning, and will be staying in a hotel in polanco.

i've found plenty of recommendations for nice places (el bajio, pujol, etc) but i have no clue where to go for tortas, tacos and other street food. any recommendations?

we'll probably be doing the turibus thing, so anyplace near polanco or near the main turibus stops would work.


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  1. Check out Los Panchos, Colonia Anzures. It's a restaurant, though, not a stand. It has good recommendations from others.
    We were there once in the 90s, but I was restricted to caldo de pollo that day, as I as a bit under the weather.

    1. Quesadillas de Maria Isabel, in Emilio Castelar 14, loved by chilangos.

      El Turix, in Emilio Castelar 212, for cochinita pibil (tacos, panuchos and tortas)

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        El Turix on Emilio Castelar has fantastic cochinita pibil tacos and panuchos, it's north of the park going towards mazarik. I MEAN REALLY GOOD.....
        For carne asada El Farolito on Newton great costilla
        Los Panchos are some of the best Carnitas in town
        Quesadillas Maria Isabel very good too

        1. re: bigotes

          gracias a todos!!!! we loved DF and want to go back again this winter!!!

          1. re: ceviche

            It's a bit late for this - but I second Bigotes on Turix. Amazing!

      2. If its not too late, pick up a copy of Nicolas Gilman's book Good Food in Mexico City -- A Guide to food stalls, fondas and fine dining.
        Otherwise a good choice is Los Panchos on Tolstoi 9, about a street away from the Camino Real hotel.
        Otherwise La Texcocana has 2 locations
        1. Independencia 8-A near Balderas and the Museo de Artes populares (MAP) or
        2. Hamburgo 281 in the Zona Rosa.