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Nov 19, 2008 11:09 PM

Joe's Restaurant v. Grace Appetite Stimulus Plan

So I've got to decide between Joe's Restaurant or Grace for the Appetite Stimulus Plan... any thoughts? I'd lean toward Grace typically, but my girlfriend and I went to Grace just about a week ago (their game tasting menu was AMAZING), and we've never been to Joe's Restaurant.

Any idea what the menu for the appetite stimulus plan at Joe's looks like? I'm sure both would have delicious meals, just trying to make a distinction and any help would help!

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  1. can't comment on joe's.
    just had the app stim plan menu at grace tonight with the wine pairing.
    the first and second courses were supurb.
    my dining partner and i agreed that the desserts were not quite as good--the textures of both desserts were too dense in our view.
    also, the chocolate cake did not have an intense enough flavor of chocolate.
    the flavor of the bread pudding was wonderful--if the texture had been lighter it would have been perfect.
    the pairings were also terrific.

    1. I haven't had the stimulus plan at either, but I much, much prefer Grace in general. I feel like it is leagues about Joe's. I only go to Joe's for lunch/brunch, dinner is just nothing special compared to other restaurants in that price range.