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Nov 19, 2008 11:04 PM

Miette (Ferry Building), SF - Thanksgiving dessert menu - How's the Princess Cake?

They have a Thanksgiving Menu. Anyone try the Princess Cake from Miette (Ferry Building location only, not the candy shop).

Princess Cake: 6" serves 6-8 $30; 8" serves 10-12 $50
Pecan tart 7" serves 6-8 $24
Pumpkin walnut bundt cake serves 8 - $14
pumpkin cheesecake 6" $30; 8" $50
Gingerbread 7" serves 6-8 $24

Reserve selection by Mon 11/24/08. 415-837-0300

Miette Cakes
1 Ferry Bldg # 10, San Francisco, CA

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  1. There are a positive reports on the gingerbread at Miette

    That second report is interesting because while I might not spring for a regular Miette princess cake I might go for this

    "The biggest hit was the snowball cake -- a princess cake filled with chocolate ganache rather than raspberry, with a sparkly sugar coating on the outside -- the children's favorite by far"

    Not such positive reports on the Princess cake

    "the Princess cake was just terrible. I don't know if the genoise had been sitting on the counter too long before they applied the chambord, but that cake was stale. More jam might have helped, but the texture of the cake and the cloying sweetness of the fondant overpowering any indication of white chocolate let alone raspberry just killed it. "

    Should anyone be reading from Sonoma, Scandia does a decent princess cake and for the fall they can make it look like a pumpkin ... the marzipan is orange and not green ... everything else is the same ... it looks very festive.

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      Princess cake sounds like the kind of thing that Miette does *not* do well. Alarmingly, neither description sounds like Princess cake. White chocolate? Ganache (of any flavor)? Not in my Princess cake.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Yeah, that was my description. What a waste of money. The fondant was supposedly flavored with white chocolate.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Hmmm ... I was wondering about that white chocolate and if it was a mistake on part of the poster ... nope ... straight from the website

          "The cake shop darling and European birthday classic ~ always pale green with a pink rose. It consists of genoise sponge cake moistened with raspberry eau de vie from St. George Spirits, a layer of homemade raspberry jam, pastry cream and lightly sweetened Straus Family Creamery whipped cream. Rather than the traditional marzipan covering, we drape our cake in a white chocolate fondant"

          Man ... why do that? The marzipan makes the cake, it is part of the whole in terms of flavor. I don't like many things marzipan, but in terms of princess cake, it works ... very well ... even in the worst of princess cakes.

          Miette Cakes
          1 Ferry Bldg # 10, San Francisco, CA

          1. re: rworange

            Sorry, Miette -- there's only so much you can change something before it becomes something else, and replacing marzipan with fondant in Princess cake crosses that line. Besides, some people like marzipan and some people don't, but does fondant *ever* taste good?

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              I like fondant. It's in my favorite chocolate raspberry butterflies from Lillie Belle Farms.

            2. re: rworange

              That's a shame. It looks official in person at least. You know how with some of Miette's stuff you can just tell it's going to be a letdown from the looks? Too bad.
              I still swear by Victoria.

              1. re: rworange

                I also am not a big fan of marzipan, but it works for me on a good Princess Cake...we have found a good one in S.F. at Schubert's on Clement St. in the Richmond. I'd love to hear it compared to any others here in the City!

                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  Agree, Schubert's is very good. So is Patisserie Delanghe's.

                  1. re: Windy

                    ..ah yes on Fillmore! I agree..also very flavorful!

                    1. re: ChowFun_derek

                      I was also remembering the fine Princess cake Ruth brought for my birthday to Sam's. From Boniere? Completely respectable (no fondant).

                      1. re: Windy

                        If it doesn't have marzipan, it isn't Princess Cake! Yes, that was from the Boniere Bakery in Alameda. I was in there this morning, and they had a bunch of seasonal offerings, including the cutest little Thanksgiving-themed petit fours, pumpkin pound cake and eggnog cookies.

                        Boniere Bakery
                        3249 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA

          2. If you want to order holiday treats like the ones you note above (not princess cake, though), I'd check out the very long list of items offered at Thorough Bread. Their pumpkin pave is basically a pumpkin cheesecake and is fantastic. The pastry for their galettes is one of the best things I've ever eaten, so I'm guessing they do a great job with pies as well.