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Nov 19, 2008 10:42 PM

Trucker Stop Breakfast in OC?

Places with big portions of good food. Maybe something in a diner atmosphere also?

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  1. Harbor House Cafe in Sunset Beach and Dana Point.

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      Sorry for duplicating your suggestion, monku, (great minds...). Your post lagged for so long before showing up I didn't see it until mine posted too.

        1. Orange County is a big town. What hwy will you be on and how far from the main drag do you want to go?

          Harbor House would be good in South Orange County (I-5 exit PCH HWy 1), like Monku posted not only for the food, but for the parking situation. San Juan Capistrano has little tiny street and small parking lots, so . . . .

          Great breakfast at The Original Pancake House ! (not an IHOP) (I-5 at Lincoln and also close to CA-91 and CA-57)
          See menu at
          and locations in Anaheim, Orange and Aliso Viejo.

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          1. I would recommend Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesa. Great hearty portions at a reasonable price.

            Side Street Cafe
            1799 Newport Blvd Ste A105
            Costa Mesa, CA 92627

            (949) 650-1986

            1. If you're by the 405 Frwy in Fountain Valley try a longtime local favorite that recently received a rave review in The OC Weekly. Its Paul's Coffee Shop and eating there will make you think that you're at a truck-stop diner in the south----with friendly waitresses, huge portions of delicious comfort-food, and moderate prices. With a Marine Corp. flag hanging by it entrance, oldtimers & regulars leave their own special coffee mugs hanging on the wall for their next visit. Its a place that looks straight out of the 1950's. Besides a good honest cup of their coffee, I recommend the daily specials, omelettes, cottage potatoes, and bisquits & gravy. The only problem is that they are only open each day from 7:00am to 2:00pm. Paul's Coffee Shop is on Bushard St. (between Magnolia & Brookhurst) at the NW corner of Warner/Bushard next to a donut shop.

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                Stopped by Paul's Coffee Shop this morning and was pleasantly surprised by this little place in a random Fountain Valley strip mall. Waffle was nice and fluffy and corned beef hash had a nice crust. Was able to substitute my toast for some fluffy pancakes (no charge). Coffee was decent for diner coffee, but OJ not fresh squeezed. Straightforward, honest breakfast fare in a place you'd expect in a small town atmosphere. Gotta try that awesome looking chicken fried steak (their specialty), I almost asked the guy at the counter who ordered it for a bite of it! BTW, according to a yelper, Guy from Diners Drive Ins and Dives is corresponding with the owner to potentially come and tape a segment.