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Nov 19, 2008 09:22 PM

Puripan Tea Garden (Korean tea shop) @ Santana Row, SJ

I stopped into Puripan Tea Garden since it was close to the Tree Lighting Celebration at Santana Row and I've read good things.

Since they weren't doing tastings at the small bar they have, I'll have to come back another day.

In the shop they have lots of loose-leaf tea, tea mugs, tea pots w/ infusers $27.99, and lots of teas, many from Korea: green, corn, barley, persimmon leaves, etc. $4-$50 per 1oz-3oz bag.

I got to try some FREE nearby outside of the store. They had many samples of Tea In A Jar. The flavors I tried:
Aloe Vera

I tried them all, they were all pretty light & sweet. $8 per jar. He said you only need 2-3 teaspoons & then lots of hot water.


My pics:

Puripan Tea Garden
377 Santana Row, san jose, ca

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  1. are these all made in-house? i love korean "teas." especially cold barley tea in the summer. i swear it's more quenching and satisfying than ice water. but the sweet fruity teas, like yuja (yuzu, or the citron named above), mogwa (chinese quince), are usually jarred commercial specimens with additives and other whatnots. i saw some yellow yuzu at the ferry plaza market the other week and considered slicing them and keeping them in honey, but it seemed out of my budget. are these available by mail-order if they are made in-house?

    the papaya and pomegranate types are unfamiliar to me, as is the brand Tea in a Jar. what did you think of the different flavors?

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    1. re: augustiner

      Augustiner, not sure if made in-house or available by mail-order. I thought their flavors were mild & slightly sweet. Aloe Vera is a surprise to me, not bad. I liked all the flavors. Forgot they have Ginger - Tea in the Jar too.

      Their phone number is: 408.423.8033

      1. re: hhc

        Groupon deal today Wed.,12/23/09: spend $10 get $20 worth of teas and tea wares at Puripan Tea Garden, SJ.

        They now carry Jade chocolate tea infused chocolate $5.99 per bar
        1. genmai - roasted brown rice, green & jasmine tea
        2. Orient espresso - oak roasted,espresso & cardamon
        3. Dragon's breath- roasted sesame seeds, lapsong souchang & chili pepper (supposedly won an award)

        They will let me know when they get the chocolate edamame that RW talked about here: