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Nov 19, 2008 09:15 PM

chow places around 57th & 1st

We are visiting NY in Dec. and we are lucky to be able to stay at a friend's place near 57th & 1st for a week. We need rec for good chow places in the vicinity for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night, snacks, bakery, take-out, eat-in.... any cuisine, any price range. Thanks.

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  1. I'm very fond of Café Joul (french bistro) on 1st. Ave. bet 58 & 59th. Across the way (other side of 1st on corner of 58th is an Asian Fusian sort of place called Fusha which is very popular. On the south corner of 58th is Rosa Mexicana for upscale Mexican. Les Sans Coulottes is on 2nd Ave between 57 & 58th - sort of bistro-ish, but very different from Café Joul. At the corner of 58th & 2nd is Moonstruck Diner - reliable and open late. There's take-out and everything else at the Food Emporium supermarket, under the bridge on 59th & 1st. A funky Italian & pizza place (?Nick & Tony's - I never remember the name) on the other side of the bridge at 60th & 1st. Another Bistro: La Mangeoire at 53rd & 2nd. A Turkish and a Japanese on 1st between 58 & 59th. Angelo's Pizza (also great salads) on 55th and 2nd. Another diner, the Madison, on 53rd & 1st. Jubilee on 54th bet. 1st & 2nd is well-known for their mussels. Another Turkish is Taksim on 2nd bet. 54th & 55th. Local Chinese: Panda on the corner of 54th & 1st. Bagels and great sliced nova at Tal Bagels on 1st between 53rd & 54th. Made to order, high-quality meat & cheese sandwiches for take-out at a tiny place called Nic-ola's on 1st Ave. bet 54 & 55th. Great for getting nibbles to go with drinks too.
    All of these places cover a wide range of prices. Menus can be found at Virtually all local restaurants offer take-out and delivery.

    You'll also find Sutton diner on 1st bet 56th & 57th. I avoid it. There's another pizza place or two. The one on the corner of 57th & 1st is OK to pick up a couple of slices, but for a restaurant, you want one of the others. Aja is on the corner of 58th & 1st. I've never been able to get a handle on the menu, but it looks like a great place. If I think of anything else, I'll be back!

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      There's also Ideal Cheese, at 1st and 50th, I think, if you feel like picking up bread and cheese for lunch or dinner one day. Excellent cheese.

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        you might want to checkout

        just click on the neighborhood / section of the city you want

        greatt site

      2. Jane A. seemed to cover it all, and pretty well, but these are my suggestions:

        For breakfast: You are in NYC... you need to have bagels. I think Tal is overrated. I used to go to jumbo bagel on 2nd btwn 57th and 56th....great bagels, salads and coffee!

        For bakery breakfast: Bruce's Bakery is on the NW corner of 57th and 1st. WONDERFUL pastries and even better cupcakes. It was my staple place for challah bread and croissants. N.B. they dont have tables. Pick up some pastries and stock up the apartment!

        Lunch: Walk to Bloomingdale's on 59th and Lex and eat at David Burke at Bloomingdale's. Solid lunch food, good prices. Then go up to the top floor and get the 40-carrots frozen yogurt.

        Pizza: Ultimate Pizza on NE corner of 57th and 1st. BEST pizza!

        French: Jubilee (54th btwn 1 &2) is my neighborhood favorite. You can't go wrong with any dish you get. FABULOUS meal! You will feel like a local New Yorkers, but your taste buds will take you to France...I recommend the mussels and the steak tar tar.
        Sushi: Suki Seki (1st btwn 62 & 63). BEST sushi in NYC. Get the Seki special platter - $35 for 9 of his specialty pieces plus the best spicy tuna roll you will ever have. Fusia on 58th and 1st is also good, but Seki for maybe $2 or $3 more is TOTALLY worth it.
        Italian: Mia Dona - 58th btwn 2nd and 3rd or Felidia on 58th and 2nd....Both well known, delicious Italian!

        Diners: DO NOT go to Moonstruck on 58th....the staff is rude, dirty and I have seen rodents there several times. For diners go to Madison on 54th and 1st or Plaza on 56th and 2nd....Madison is a bit slower (resulting in cold food) and Plaza is smaller so your foot is hot off the griddle!

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          Julz124: My apologies, but I HAVE to thumbs down on Bruce's. The place is the size of a cubicle and the las time I went there, not only were their cupcakes grossly overpriced for their size, but terribly dense, dry and barely had a hint of the taste of whatever flavor they were supposed to be. Not to mention the fact that they were pretty rude, grumbling when I was trying to make my selections, then shoving the bag at me.

          And with my 2 cents, for simple, kitschy stuff I've gone with Go Noodle on 1st bet. 58th and 59th. Good prices and they're not stingy, but no-frills. Ritz Diner on 1st and 62nd is good for basic diner stuff, too.
          Though for good bakery stuff to pick up, I would even suggest Hot & Crusty on 2nd and 63rd-ish. Their filled croissants are good and I could practically live on their ham-and-swiss croissants.

          Oh, and JaneA, reading your post was like my daily walk from my bus stop at E 57 and 1st to work at 62nd and York. Haha!

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            The best breakfast in the area is at a new place, Cafe Ze, on 52nd east of First Avenue. Their pastries are excellent. In a totally different league than Bruce's. They now serve breakfast and lunch and will begin dinner service soon.

            Next to Ideal Cheese is an excellent fish market, Pisacane.

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              Sofrito on SE corner of 57 and 1st is good PR rest. Noisy, crowded and they don't take rez, so prepare for await unless you go before 6PM.

          2. Go to Felice for dinner
            64th and 1st

            Delivery: Panda (chinese) John's Pizzeria (pizza)

            1. Thank you all. This will be very helpful.