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Nov 19, 2008 07:53 PM

finally made it to queen

After about ten years of wanting to try it, i finally made it to queen on court st for dinner last night. I'm sorry i waited so long.
First of all, the service was impeccable--the kind you really can't get anymore in 99% of places.
The food was good, too. Amazingly, they have puntarelle, the italian chicory salad with the anchovy dressing. I'd go back just for that. It's rare to find it and their version is one of the best i've had in nyc. The frito misto was good but not really a frito misto, more just some nice pieces of seafood lightly fried. Gnocchi with veal and eggplant was good tho rich, better than the sliced port loin with broccoli rabe and peppers.
The decor doesn't do much for me, but the clientele is interesting.
I'll go back, tho not as often as I would if it were a little cheaper.

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  1. Miss M,
    Queen usually particpates in Dine In Brooklyn week, so keep your eye out for DIB prix fixe deal!

    1. We love Queen, and go whenever we can. When we go, we like to order sort of Italian-style: we get apps, salads, pastas and mains (primi and secondi), 1 for every two people. You get an wider array of food, and it ends up costing less.

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        yes, that's a great strategy, as portions are big. we shared our apps and they halved them for us at the table--part of the great old-fashioned service i enjoyed.