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Nov 19, 2008 07:31 PM

New York Pizza in Calgary..... anywhere???

Ok so there is lots of talk about Pizza in cowtown....
and there is some good pie out there... but does anybody make bendy thin toasty pie like every corner shop dive in the big apple does?

I have been without New York Pizza for 8 weeks.. and it seems an eternity!

Anything to fill the craving???

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  1. Try one of the by-the-slice places near downtown. Of course not every place will fit your requirements, but here are some suggestions: Awesome Kitchen (1st St SW), or CPU (on 10th St NW, and on 11th Ave SW, etc, quality varies between each location). Neither of these places quite have a NY slice but they are big and foldable, not the usual greek-style delivery crap we seem to have in Calgary. Also, 2-4-1 pizza (17th Ave & 6th St SW) used to be good, but seems to change owners often.

    1. I can only stomach Awesome kitchen and CPU after a night of heavy drinking and would hesitate to recommend them on this board, although I do tend to like the late night pizza joint across the street from Broken City/Amsterdam Rhino (sometimes even without the beer-lined stomach! i think it's called sunlight or something to that effect). Having said that, I don't think any of them are NY-style, their crusts are too thick and imo they're still closer to greek-style pizza. I used to occasionally crave 2-4-1 as well, but haven't been in a while (a word of warning though, among friends, we referred to it as 'cardboard pizza'). You might want to try Fat Tony's on 11th St SW. I've been digging their thin crust pizza of late. It's a little over-priced, and not quite as good since the new owners took it over some months back, but what can I say, it's been hitting the spot for me.

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        Like I said, it's not a perfect match, but it's much closer than the rigid, thick slices of say, Sophie's pizza.

        The place across from Broken city is called Stardust Pizza. It's not as greasy as CPU, but it doesn't have the large, flat slices.

      2. Have you tried the 'za at Co-op? The Midtown Market has stone-baked, thin-crust that's very good (in fact, some days, it's fantastic). I've never had NY pizza in NYC per se but have had truckloads of it in Portland, and I'd say this version comes pretty close.

        1. Il Centro or Pulcinella are close-ish to what I think you are looking for: as good or better than most pies that I have eaten in New York anyways.

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            I agree with alley, both places off great pizza.....I tend to prefer Il Centro to Pulcinella as they are more consistent. I would likely trace Pulcinella's style back to Naples as opposed to NYC in which case I would go straight to Il Centro, they have a firmer crust whereas Pulcinella is thin and meant to be folded over or eaten with a knife and fork. Unfortunately Il Centro does not hold very long hours, which in my opinion is just plain wrong for a pizza joint.

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              Yep- we love Pulcinella it is not NYC style in any way shape or form. Which is not a bad thing.

              1. re: KitchenScraps

                Fan of Pulcinella... Although I go there more for drinks than food haha... Tried the Pizza one time and it was a little off... As I've read before, make sure it isn't under-cooked the dough... Mine was burnt on top, and the base was a little too soft/doughy for my liking...

            2. Try Fat Tony's Pizza on 11th Street between 14th and 15th Avenue, next to Palace of Eats, Galaxie, and Kalamata. Pretty sure it ain't NYC standard, but it is pretty damn good. Thin crust, fresh ingredients, prosciutto instead of ham, that sort of thing. Good pizza on the relatively cheap.

              Also, stop in Kalamata to pick up some of the best straight-from-the-Mediterranean olives and cheeses (also, cheap cigarettes, but don't tell).

              Yeah, its a nice little block.

              [I edited this comment to remove some stupid things I said and to correct the names of the businesses which I still recommend.]