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Nov 19, 2008 07:09 PM

Baltimore - Unique food tour of best item at each restaurant??

Sister just moved to Baltimore and I am visiting and at the last minute will be planning her 30th b-day celebration day - which is a Saturday.

I was thinking of stopping by many food finds and trying only the best item each restaurant or shop has to offer. Definitely seeking unique experience type places. If you mention things to do in and around the suggested restaurants would be a major bonus as I am not very familiar with Baltimore. Do not want many of sit down(slow service), expensive or really formal restaurants. Some ideas for items, but interested in much more than this!
any ethnic foods
stuffed artichoke
ice cream sundae or gelato
chinese dumplings
Unique Girly Cocktail
Crab cake
Crab dip

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  1. Cocktail- try Red Maple, very chic and ohh-la-la
    Crab cake- my fave is McCabe's on Falls Road- near Hampden's 36th street, which is an unusual shopping/people watching experience (to put it mildly)
    Small plates at Woodberry Kitchen (near Hampden) also provide fun, upscale bar experience- very social and semi-trendy spot- don't sit down in restaurant, just go to bar
    Kali's Mezze in Fell's Point is also a cool place with great vibe. Fell's pt is a great place to visit, also

    1. I would absolutely head to the Lexington Market and have a crabcake at Faidleys. The market itself is a neat experience and the crabcake is great.

      1. Pitango Gelato for (obviously) the gelato! Also, if you want a crepe, you can easily pick one up at Sofi's Crepes. Their location right next to the Charles theater is open on Saturday nights. I really like their crepe florentine. They wrap it up so it's easy to eat on the go, but they also have a small sitting area.

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          If you like gelato, Pitango is not to be missed.

        2. Ethnic
          - the Helmand for Afghani food
          - Samos for Greek
          - Cinghiale for Italian
          - the Ambassador for Indian
          - El Salto for Mexican

          ice cream sundae or gelato
          - Moxley's in Towson
          - Pinato in Fells Point
          - Sylvan Beach in Mt Vernon

          - Baltimore Cupcake Company in Locust Pt
          - Charm City Cupcake in Mt. Vernon

          Unique Girly Cocktail
          -Ixia in Mt. Vernon

          Crab cake
          - Faidley's or G&M in Linthicum

          Crab dip
          - I have no idea - I never get this out. I always make my own.


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          1. re: tennisgal1206

            If you try Baltimore Cupcake Company you could check out Fort McHenry, which is a beautiful park on the water. I guess it's a little cold for going to a park though. The BCC store is a super-pink explosion of cuteness.

            I would definitely go to Lexington Market for your crabcake. It's a great place that for some reason many people who live in Baltimore never make it to.

            Red Maple, Ixia or Pazo would be good for a cocktail. The chef from Red Maple is currently on this season's Top Chef.

            If you're spending the night you should definitely go to the farmer's market Sunday morning. Much less crowded this time of year, but still plenty of options food-wise. If your sister hasn't been yet, you should definitely take her!

            1. re: pigtowner

              Jill from Top Chef no longer works at Red Maple, and hasn't since the show started.

              1. re: hawaiigrl2003

                Give Pigtowner a break. That post is dated Nov 20. And they didn't announce Jill had left Red Maple until after she got cut from the show. While she was on, the show identified her as the chef at Red Maple.

                1. re: charmedgirl

                  It seems that Jill Snyder moved to Sotto Sopra for a short time, and is now at Woodberry Kitchen. Any confirmation?

            2. re: tennisgal1206

              I would stay far away from G&M's and would recommend Faidley's partly because you have to go to Lexington Market. The definitive crabcake article by Baltimore's best food writer:

              1. re: ko1

                Ethnic foods - Trinidad Gourmet is great - I like to get sides, especially the pumpkin, and a roti. There's a great Ethopian place on Washington in Pigtown as well. For Greek, Samos or Ikaros. Thai Arroy in Federal Hill is amazing.
                Falafel - Baba's Kitchen
                Ice cream sundae or gelato - Vaccaro's for gelato and Sylvan Beach for ice cream.
                Cupcake - Cupcake Company or Charm City Cupcakes
                Unique girly cocktail - Red Maple is fun but the food just isn't the same since Jill (the chef who was on Top Chef) left. I'd suggest Baltimore Pho for drinks. Get a 900 - basically a sparkling lychee martini.

                1. re: elnicka

                  stuffed artichoke - Baltimore is not known for artichokes, much less stuffed artichokes.
                  falafel - ditto for falafel - wrong city
                  chinese dumplings - see above.
                  Crab cake - ahh, now we're talking! If you go to Lexington Market's Faidleys (get the jumbo lump crab cake) also stop and see a few other things Baltimore IS known for - oysters, Park's fried chicken, Rheb's chocolates, Berger cookies...Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Faidley's crab cakes - prefer the oysters and fish sandwiches, but others love them.
                  Other ethnic is well-covered above - especially the idea of going to Greektown - Samos or Ikaros - since the ethnic Greek population is one of the larger ones represented in the city. There are also a couple of very good Korean bbq places, Joung Kak uses real coal braziers and is very casual.

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