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Nov 19, 2008 06:28 PM

Missing from Houston Chinatown

For being one of the country's biggest Chinatown, Houston is sorely lacking a great Hong Kong style noodle shop! When asked, most recommend Hong Kong Cafe on Bellaire, which is ok on a good day and disappointing other times. Pretty inconsistent.

I'm looking for a really good bowl of fresh wonton mein or braised beef noodle soup, like the kind that you get for mere cents in a grimy HK dive but warms the soul!

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  1. I agree, it would be great to have a really good noodle place.
    For beef noodle soup my favorite is probably Sandong or Xiongs both on Bellaire.

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      Will have to try Sandong. I walked in once, but it seemed so sad and empty that I doubted the quality and went elsewhere.

    2. Not a Hong Kong noodle shop, but you may want to try Paradise Cafe:

      1. Xiongs is one of the worst chinese restaurants I've ever eaten at. With over 100 choices on Bellaire, I am shocked how badly I was stiffed here. The beef noodle soup had 3 pieces of fatty beef in a salty beef broth and came with a disgusting container of noodles and spinach. the szechuan pork was a little bit of chopped up pork over a gummy hunk of plain noodles. Yuck!! How this place stays in business in Chinatown is beyond me.

        1. This response is quite a bit delayed, but my recommendation for good Cantonese noodles is at House of Bowls on Corporate (off Bellaire). Very authentic HK style food. Alternatively, fresh wonton mein and braised beef noodle soup could be found at Tan Tan off Bellaire.