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Nov 19, 2008 05:50 PM

Kosher Wine Store in Boro Park or Midwood

Can someone recommend a cheap Kosher Wine Store in Boro Park or Midwood?

I am looking for a case or two of Rashi Red Light and a 3 - 5 cases of Bartenura, blue bottle sweet white wine and 3 - 5 cases of a good, reasonably priced dry, red wine.

I thought I remembered seeing ads around Pesach time for a wine store on Ave P and maybe one around Avenue X or U.

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  1. Tops at 2816 Avenue U has a great selection at very good prices especially for cases.

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      1. BS"D
        Midwood Liquors is a nice place, owned by a cousin of the owners of Kedem. He sits all day learning. Orlander's has places in Boro Park and the Midwood area. The Orlander brothers are very special people, Belzer Chassidim who really have taken it upon themselves to know wine, even though they sell the same stuff as everybody else. But in the back, they may have some kosher wines that are "finds". For what you want, you're probably not going to find it discounted anywhere to the point where the price stands out (they're popular wines in the area, everyone has them, and nobody can sell them for too high a price, or else people will go elsewhere).

        1. Schnapps at 404 Ave. M has good prices and a good selection. They usually offer discounts when buying by the case.