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Nov 19, 2008 04:58 PM

ISO non-toxic and non-stick pans in GTA

With the growing number of articles telling us that teflon isn't safe, I've been thinking about throwing out my non-stick pan. I know...cast iron is the best replacement...but I've also heard that "ceramic coated" cookware is a good replacement for teflon. Any leads on brands and stores where I could find this type of cookware in the GTA would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I just bought a little ceramic coated nonstick pan from Zellers. It was $9.99 for a 7" frying pan - they had some larger pans too, but I don't remember the prices. So far, I'm delighted with it, and if it doesn't hold up, I didn't exactly blow a lot of cash on it. It stands up to higher temperatures than Teflon, is harder to scratch, and can go into the oven. It's a nice alternative for those things that I don't like to do in my cast iron.

    1. I've seen a Cusinart option and an import brand (forgot name) at IQ Living on Danforth.

      1. I've seen commercials for a non-stick line by Starfrit called Quicklean that are nickle/chrome coated. I've tried to find info on them but haven't found much.

        I would assume they aren't a high end product especially because they are carried by WalMart. I would be interested in seeing them in person though.

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          1. Home Sense has non-stick Paderno pans for reasonable prices.

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              and so do many Home Hardware stores.

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                swiss diamond pans are probably the cadillac of non-stick.


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                  thanks for these suggestions, very's funny, there aren't that many consumer reviews of a lot of these products on the web - maybe because they are relatively new? many of them seem relatively inexpensive - maybe i'll try a couple of them out and see how they perform...

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                    The Swiss diamond pan surface contains diamonds and PTFE, which is Teflon.
                    Very expensive pans, sold by exclusive shops such as Bonnie Stern, but still the usual unreliable and unsafe plastic surface. See

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                    Home Sense has them for a steal!!

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                      Linens & Things is going out of business, they might have them as well.