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jean-georges vs. wd-50

which one?..
both tasting menu's look amazing and seeing as i will drop serious money ..I would love some opinions.
thanks again.

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  1. I have not been to WD-50 because I prefer that the food on my plate not be a science project.

    No question: Jean Georges.

    1. I have been to both and there is no comparison. Jean-Georges.

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      1. JG, zero question, on food and value. Dufresne was very good at 71 Clinton. WD, not so much.

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          I have been only to J-G, but based on what I've read on this board about WD_50, for my money, hands-down, no question, J-G. It was the second best meal of my life - second only to French Laundry.

        2. I've been to both. WD-50 did not come close to meeting my high expectations (I dig molecular), whereas JG exceeded them.

          If you can spare some midday time, look into JG for lunch. It's easily the best value in town.

          1. Not sure how some can say this is "no question" despite never having tried WD-50. Personally, I'd rather go there because I'm fascinated by molecular gastronomy and prefer someplace more casual. That said, JG is probably the safer choice for your money. Because the cooking is so experimental at WD-50, there are many creative failures.

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              That would be I who has no interest whatsoever in going to WD-50. The fact is, I've read enough about the food to be confident without tasting even one forkful that it would not appeal to me.

              There are many other restaurants we haven't yet tried that serve cuisine which does appeal to me. I prefer to spend our hard-earned dollars at those rather than wasting money at WD-50 just to confirm what I already know.

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                Fair enough....but you aren't recommending a restaurant to yourself. Regardless, I think we agree that JG is more likely to please.

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                  domesticgodes asked for *opinions*. That's what I gave. To me, that's not the same as "recommending."

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                Thanks for voicing my sentiments, exactly.

              3. If you are interested in WD-50 I would recommend you go, order a la carte, and then get the dessert tasting. I have found the dessert menu to be consistently good whereas the savories can be quite hit or miss. And during a long tasting menu at WD-50, I found that the "misses" really made the experience disappointing. And I LIKE molecular gastronomy/post-modern cooking/technoemotional/whatever stuff, having eaten at 71 Clinton (RIP), Alinea, Tailor, etc.

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                  The desserts are a lot better at WD-50 that JG. Better taste, creativity, presentation. I haven't been to both in the last year but JG's desserts really disappointed me.

                2. No Contest. . Jean Georges is one of the best restaurants in the city. Although Dufresne was a chef de cuisine at Jean Georges he is now a proponent of molecular gastronomy.

                  1. It's obviously safer to recommend Jean Georges... it's more of a traditional high-end dining experience... and excellent, more of a romantic room, power place... nice wine list. My last meal there was superb. WD50 is more of an adventure. It's much more of a casual place and the menu is way out there. I had the tasting menu on my only visit there a couple of years ago... I enjoyed it, but some dishes were a bit too weird for me to fully enjoy the entire dining experience as a whole. Some fantastic dishes though. The execution (presentation) is flawless... beautiful to look at and interesting even if you aren't wild about the dish. How to approach WD? One poster suggested to order a la carte... I might think about it if I went back I... to insure that there were no dishes I wasn't wild about. Of course that's not as much fun or adventurous. Also, would depend on who I was dining with. Perhaps on your first visit... if you to choose WD, order the tasting and sit back and enjoy the ride.

                    If you're a serious foodie with an open mind I think you'd enjoy either one... just 2 different approaches to dining... depends what you're up for that night.

                    1. Whoa! I didn't realize wd-50 raised its prices to the point that its tasting menu is about equivalent to jean-georges! Having been to both, I'd say that I prefer Jean-Georges for both food and service. I really wasn't too fond of wd-50 with the exception of the desserts. I would probably only do wd-50 if you're really interested in molecular gastronomy.