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Nov 19, 2008 04:31 PM

Help-wifes birthday, babysitter cancelled, dinner for 4...

Had reservations at blue hill this weekend for 2 but plans now changed. Looking for an upscale dinner for the family-boys ages 8 & 10 and picky. Recently did Otto and blue smoke -other thoughts...Landmarc? Pastis?--west side preferrd-- uws, village , meatpacking. thanks

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  1. rosa mexicana could be an option

      1. followup---ended up at Landmarc inTWC and was pleased-- nice space, got there early and got booth by the window; kids spent dinner counting horse carriages etc. Very nice kids menu more than reasonably priced for kids (grilled cheese/fries 6$, etc). Food for us was overall good with apps better than entrees...risotto average, steak good. Nice dessert sampler -16$ along with small ice cream cones 3$ which kids loved and complimentary cotton candy at end. Service was excellent- friendly and well spaced. Wine list excellent , soft drinks a ripoff however at 4$ each for small to medium glass. Will return. BTW had some excellent round tables for groups

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          As a followup went back to landmarc with our kids. Actually this time liked entrees better than appetizers especially the steak. Anyway kids were very happy and we were all stuffed. Again very nice atmosphere with a lot of window booths available if you get there early-- no reservations except large groups. Great wine list. Complimentary warm cotton candy after dinner was very well received! Kids menu is very well priced but prices go up significantly after that. Total for 2 kids and 2 adults with alcohol (one half bottle), soft drinks,1 app, one dessert sampler =180 with tip. a very pleasant evening though...