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Nov 19, 2008 04:27 PM

MSP - Help, I need a .......

Fresh turkey! This is my first Thanksgiving dinner I am in charge of (at least in more than ten years) and I neglected to order a fresh turkey --- but in fact, I haven't a clue where to go or whom to call! Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.........sigh.

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  1. I've bought never-frozen turkeys from Byerly's, straight out of the case (not special order or anything). They weren't heritage, free-range or whatever, but a good, plain ol' turkey. This was within a week of Christmas by the way...I had to cook it for a rescheduled event on short notice. It seemed they had plenty.

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    1. re: MSPD

      FWIF, I believe in the FDA world, fresh poultry means not stored below 28F. So "only kind of frozen" might be more accurate than "never-frozen".

      Anyway, it is still a HUGE difference from frozen if you need to cook like RIGHT NOW!


      1. re: dalewest

        Thanks for clarifying. Let's just say the Byerly's turkeys never could have been used in a bowling event.

    2. I got a good turkey from Von Hansen's last year, free range, all natural. Price was good, walked right and and picked it up, though you'd be best to call ahead.

      1. Call the Wedge Coop. They'll take walk in orders, but are still taking reservations. I just called 2 days ago.

        1. Widmers (on St. Clair) in St. Paul was taking orders for them awhile back. I don't know if they are heritage or free range or anything of that nature. I asked where their turkeys were from and was told "Northern Minnesota." That wasn't exactly what I was asking, but I found the answer sufficiently revealing. Nevertheless, when you're desperate, you're desperate... I hope they can still help you!

          Good luck!


          1. I just heard an ad for Lunds/Byerlys and fresh Turkeys, they seem to still be taking orders this week.