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Nov 19, 2008 04:11 PM

Barcelona Dinner- NYE/Birthday

I will be in Barcelona with family and am looking for a great restaurant with a fun atmosphere for New Year's Eve dinner, which is also my Mom's birthday. Some place in a good location that does NYE festivities at midnight (and preferably with dancing, though not a dealbreaker) would be PERFECT. Willing to shell out some extra $$ for this dinner, though not get too crazy.

Any info is appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Although I have never eaten there, I hear that Opium Mar and Carpe Diem have pretty decent food. They are restaurants that turn into clubs on the beach (a little touristy). I have heard good things about their food (although don't expect to be blown away) and great things about their sangria. They will definitely have something going on for NYE. Maybe someone could vouch for their food?

    1. We will be going to Set Portes, a large traditional restaurant specializing in paella type dishes near the Port where I am given to believe they feature fireworks at midnightas people eat 12 grapes. Set Portes appears large enough to have a controlled scene without being a "club" Don't know whether they pass out hats and noisemakers.

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        Thanks to you both. Ive heard of Set Portes and think that might be a good fit.