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Nov 19, 2008 04:03 PM

Romantic in MPLS


Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, It's my 2nd anniversary and I have a hotel room booked at the hyatt & I'm looking for a romantic dining situation somewhere downtown (preferably). I already have reservations at the oceanaire seafood room, but I'm not much for chains, plus we've already been there. Anyone have any good suggestions? Also if anyone knows of anything fun/appropriate-for-such-an-occasion events or whatever going on in MSP on saturday your knowladge would be much appreciated.


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  1. One thought is to go to the Dakota......decent food, good jazz, kind of sexy and romantic.

    It has never disappointed us....oh, and Happy Anniversary!

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    1. re: Abacus

      Ya know, I've actually been there and was really disappointed with the food. Otherwise I would totally do that, as it has a nice atmosphere. I ordered a squash soup and it was like someone played a prank on the guy plating it (and me as well) by unscrewing the top of the coriander shaker. it was all I could taste. I'm not bashing your suggestion, I'm just sharing my experience. Thanks for the suggestion though, and the happy anniversary.

    2. Porter & Frye is a very easy walk from the Hyatt. 4 blocks at most. Grab one of the out-of-the-way booths downstairs or one of the cozy seats along the window upstairs.

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        After searching CH i found a few suggestions for that place, unfortunately it's the only restaurant that I have found without pictures of the dining room on the website. I do like the sound of out of the way booths though...

        1. re: saintfirky

          Upstairs is more of an open layout, but along the window, they have a comfortable bench that runs the length of the room. The chairs opposite are sort of more like a lounge chair.

          The perimeter of the downstairs dining room is half-round booths. If you go to the MSP Mag review (link below) there is a photo to give you an idea of the booths. Some of them are in the corner and have a more private feel. NOTE: The lighting is much more subdued than it looks in the photo -- it's darker in "real life".

          On a side note, Lurcat as mentioned would be my second choice if I'm limiting things to the most easy walk.

          1. re: MSPD

            Thanks for the ideas everyone, I've decided to go with P&F and requested a booth in the corner, I like the Modern Midwest descriptor.

        2. re: MSPD

          Just wanted to thank you for the porter and frye recommendation, the food was fantastic and the out of the way booth request was a brilliant suggestion. The manager, sean, to fantastic care of us, I really can not stress enough how good the service was. I will be sending a note to them as well letting them know how good the service was.

          1. re: saintfirky

            I'm really glad to hear it worked out. Thanks for reporting back.

        3. Have you considered Vincent's?? Great food and service only a couple of blocks from the Hyatt. For special occasions I think they sometimes thrown in nice complimentary dessert cake or similar.. Just mention the occasion when making the res. I don't recall ever having a bad dining experience there.

          Afterwords you have options like Brits or the Local if you want to hang out a bit longer.

          1. Vincent is always a good choice. I'd also suggest Cafe Lurcat. Ask for a window seat and look out over Loring Park.

            1. Cafe Lurcat
              La Belle Vie (dining room)

              I like Vincent a lot, but don't necessarily think of it as a haveing the same romantic atmosphere as the others.

              I don't know what's in the W, but I've got to think that is romantic, if the bar is any indication.

              Not Cosmos. Not Chambers. Nothing wrong, but not romatic. I've not been in Porter and Frye.