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Nov 19, 2008 03:37 PM

L'Eat Catering? Any feedback...

I'm looking to get any info or feedback on anyone who has had L'Eat cater an event they've attended or hosted.

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  1. Did my wedding, mom's wedding and daughter's baby naming as well as several other functions. Completely pleased with all aspects . Tony the owner and his staff were very easy to deal with, very professional and very flexible. Not cheap but definately not out of line for the quality ands service and most importantly-taste!!

    1. It seems to me L'Eat is the catering arm of one of my favorite neighborhood restos, Paese, on Bathurst St. north of Wilson Ave. I've never used its catering service - though I know a few who have and were impressed - but if it's anything like the restaurant itself, it'll be well-run, well-staffed, professional, competitively priced and - most important - tasty and enjoyable. Tony, who I've met a few times in the resto (when he isn't overseeing the catering side), is a most agreeable pro - which you have to be to be successful in the food business. I suspect you're in good hands.