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Nov 19, 2008 02:52 PM

Anchovies and tuna

Has anyone seen Ortiz anchovies around lately? The cheese manager (in which department it was found) at Whole Foods in Clarendon told me the other day that the distributor has become "more exclusive" and won't sell to them anymore. They are superior to any other anchovies that I've found. I believe they are even better than buying them packed in salt and cleaning them and putting them under oil myself.

Ditto good quality tuna? I've seen Flott brand at the Italian Store, but it isn't always a given.

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  1. Given that it may be a bit of a haul for someone shopping in Clarendon but I buy my Ortiz anchovies and tuna from Plowboys in Belvedere Square (Baltimore, MD). Without a doubt the best anchovies/tuna I've ever had!