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Nov 19, 2008 02:49 PM

Uncle George's Lebanese Grill - Falls Church (new)

Was at the UPS store around dinner time tonight in the strip mall on Rt. 7 where Uncle George's recently opened so decided to stop in. (It's hard to see from the road, but is tucked around the corner in the same strip mall as Z Pizza where the W&OD bridge crosses over.)

Being a new and hard to notice independent restaurant I was glad to patronize it, though knew that the odds of being impressed were slim.

Uncle George beat the odds! I ordered soup and salad (I know, not very Lebanese) but I'm feeling under the weather and was craving soup. It was lentil and some of the best I've ever had. Rich and almost creamy (I think from the potato chunks) and incredibly flavorful, with an unusual spice that I still can't place. The tabouleh was extremely fresh, and the mini spinach/onion pie hit the spot.

Turns out that the extremely friendly and helpful gentleman behind the counter was Uncle George himself. I was the only one there (small, only seats 15) and since it was my first visit he brought me a piece of baklava on the house.

Needless to say, I'll be returning! Defiitely for the lentil soup, and to try their shawarma and kabobs. In chatting with him he said that if business goes well, they want to expand so they have more seating for a family style restaurant. He hasn't advertised yet, only word of mouth, so I wanted to help spread the word.

A couple people came in for take out while I was there. That may be the majority of their business. Though small, the restaurant was extremely clean, even behind the counter. In that respect alone he'll give the Lebanese Butcher down the street a run for their money!!

If you're in the area give him a try. He deserves the patronage.

The menu says they also cater.

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  1. Last Saturday, I stopped in there by accident. I combined feeding a friend's cat while she was out of town with taking my daily walk and walked the mile or so from her house up Broad Street to Baja Fresh for lunch. It was sunny when I started walking so it never occurred to me to take an umbrella, but it was pouring when I finished my lunch. When the rain let up, I crossed the street and started walking back, when a downpour started again just as I was passing the West End center. I noticed Uncle George's, and though I had just had lunch, stuck my head in to see what they had, and got a cup of Turkish coffee and scored a free piece of baklava after apologizing for the small order, explaining that I just wanted to keep dry, and that since they were new, I thought I'd check them out. Very friendly, tasty coffee. I saw a good looking platter of felafel come out of the kitchen, and I said I'd be back.

    I was just there for lunch yesterday. Had a chicken shwarma sandwich that was excellent, as good as what I've had at Lebanese Butcher. Pretty good variety of sandwiches on decent pita, all in the $5.50-$6.00 range. Nothing fancy, but like Meg said, the folks running the place seem to have their heart in it. They're apparently trying to reach out to their community. Uncle George was speaking Greek (I think) to a couple of people paying their bill at the cash register when I came in, and someone else came in while I was there talking to him, mostly in English, about local schools. It may become a hangout and that's bound to assure that the food will be good.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on Uncle George's. In my endless search for the fried kibbeh of my youth, I found Uncle George's to be the best I've had in the area -- head and shoulders above Lebanese Taverna and Lebanese Butcher. I'd welcome any other suggestions, but for now this is the go to place.

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        Ciahound, thanks for the report. Pleased to hear that Uncle George is indeed authentic, aside from being personable and a good business man.

      2. thanks all for the reports. i want to check this out pronto!!!!
        i searched for the zpizza location to see where uncle george's is:

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          Landmarks: coming from Arlington down Rt. 7 it's one block past Taco Bell on the left (same strip mall as the Economy Party Supply store and Z pizza). Coming from Tysons it's on your right a block or so down from the Giant shopping center.

          1. re: Meg

            thanks! i love lebanese food, but was never crazy about leb butcher, because of the "butcher" smell (to me!). leb taverna is expensive, imo, for what one gets. i was astonished once when the fattoush ($7) came in a cereal bowl -- and not heaped in, either. i didn't realize sumac was made of gold! ;-). "FATTOUSH
            lebanese salad mixed with pomegranate extract, sumac, radish and olive oil, tossed with toasted pita chips"

            1. re: alkapal

              Glad to hear I'm not the only one who finds the thought of eating at the Lebanese Butcher a bit repulsive. I've only ever done take out b/c of the stench and the non-inviting "dining room." Will be curious to know what you think of Uncle George's alkapal. I almost got his Fattoush salad (never had it and was intriqued by the description) but wasn't feeling adventurous so went for the tabbouleh. The portion was huge. So big that I brought the leftovers home and used it as a side dish the next night (added some Israeli cous cous).

              1. re: Meg

                I need to try this place. I did want to point out that the smell at LB varies greatly. The first few times I ate there it was non-existent. The last couple of times the same way, but a couple of visits a few months ago yielded the odor.

                1. re: Dennis S

                  I go to Lebanese Butcher for lunch maybe half a dozen times a year and I've never knowingly smelled "the odor." The dining room isn't very impressive, but the food is tasty.

        2. THANKS for the report. Always happy to patronize a quality small business, so I'll visit this place in a week or so.

          Can anyone give a KABOB comparison between Uncle George's and Ravi Kabob? Thanks

          1. stopped by this rainy sunday afternoon to check it out. it was closed, even though the sign said they should be open.

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              Closed last Wednesday despite one of those clock signs on on the door saying "open at."

              1. re: ciaohound

                My wife went by today (Wed) at noon and it was closed.

              2. re: alkapal

                We do yoga in that shopping center. We were there Sunday morning and it looked open.