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Nov 19, 2008 02:27 PM

One Night stay in Boston - please help!

My wife and I will be visiting Boston in a few weeks. We're just staying one night at the Sheraton on Copley Place, and we'll be spending most of the next day on the Harvard Kennedy school campus. We're looking to make the most out of the short trip food-wise, so we'd like some suggestions for the following:

1) Dinner on a Sunday night, not too far from Copley Place
2) Lunch on a Monday afternoon, near/on the HKS campus

We're from New York, so I think the main thing we're looking for is cheaper/better quality seafood (chowder/lobster rolls) than what we have in NYC..suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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  1. There's not a whole lot that's great, and not much of anything cheap and great right by Copley Place for dinner. If it were me, I'd hop onto the Orange Line right by there (Back Bay) and take the subway the short distance inbound to the Haymarket stop and walk a brief ways into the North End to Neptune Oyster. They're not rock bottom cheap, but the quality is terrific, and it's arguably the best spot for a lobster roll (they have both cold and hot versions) and chowder in the city. Would strongly recommend avoiding entreaties to hit either Summer Shack, Skipjacks, or Turner Fisheries for seafood, as none are remotely cheap and the food quality is not nearly as good. An alternative is to get off at the Chinatown stop (a couple stops before Haymarket) and hit someplace there (the price will certainly be right in Chinatown) -- a board search will prove useful.

    For a decent and reasonably priced Harvard Square lunch, you could have more seafood at Dolphin Seafood (a reasonably priced and good choice), hit an Indian buffet at Tamarind Bay or Tanjore or Cafe of India, have above average cheap dive bar food at Charlie's Kitchen, or get a really good burger or similar comfort food at Mr. Bartley's. Tanjore, Tamarind Bay, and Charlie's are all extremely close by the Kennedy School's campus complex.

    1. It may surprise you, but Boston does not have cheaper/better quality seafood than in NYC. That said, I think Neptune Oyster is an excellent choice. Slightly more upscale (and slightly better, IMHO, although many hounds disagree) is B&G Oyster, a 5- to 10-minute cab ride from the Sheraton. Both of them are in the Pearl Oyster Bar category, but different enough that either or both is worth a visit.

      Bartley's is my favorite lunch spot in Harvard Square. Many of us would put it at the top of our "Boston's best burger" list.

      1. The recommendations for Sundays seafood choices are all very substantial. As for Monday, I think Upstaris at the Square is unbeatable, no matter what you are looking for. I haven't been to Harvest recently, but I think it would be another solid choice. Good reviews, just haven't gotten there yet.