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Nov 19, 2008 02:18 PM

Glastonbury Update

Haven't seen much lately about local restaurants. Anybody have any thoughts about Tango and/or 2 Hopewell?

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  1. On Monday afternoon we dined at Tango during CT Restaurant Week which runs through this Saturday (11/22). Only one other table was occupied during our visit. Our server, Patrick, delivered a basket of warm bread with a black bean salsa that was excellent. My wife and I both started off with the Ensalada Tango - a mix of raddichio, endive and blue cheese in a lightly dressed Balsamic Vinaigrette. Delicious, but I could see where a heavy hand with the dressing could easily ruin the salad. Our waiter was excellent throughout, but he mistakenly served us a second appetizer, the black bean soup. We advised him of his mistake, but he told us to enjoy it and we did. Highly flavorful and enough kick to keep the meal interesting. We both could have quit at this point, but our herb roasted chicken was just arriving. Amazingly juicy and tasty, the chicken was accompanied by a bountiful portion of mashed potatoes, Swiss chard and a tomatillo sauce. The latter added little to an otherwise outstanding entree. We contemplated taking the dessert to go, but decided to go for the full monty. Amaretti creme brulee tasted even better than it sounds. Two complete meals of this quality for a total of only $20.08 has to be the best bargain offered during CT Restaurant week.

    1. Tango continues to run and has busy nights but my cintact says the place is always sort of running out of control...I met a waitress last week who just up and quit

      1. I haven't made it to Tango yet, but have been trying to...I went to 2 Hopewell in August and was not too impressed. A big group of us took my mom for her birthday and we had salads, appetizers, meals and desserts and nothing was too memorable. I had a beet salad that the beets didn't quite taste right and my fish entree was a little bland, not bad tasting, just bland. I found it to be quite pricey and not really worth the cost. I have no problem spending 25-30 dollars on an entree if the entree is really good, but that was not the case. I even sampled everyone else's meals (and there were 7 of us) and was just not impressed. If you are going to drop $25 on an entree, I would recommend going to Max Amore instead.