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Nov 19, 2008 01:25 PM

Deep fried turkey wing, Buffalo style?

I'm a chicken wing fanatic, and I keep seeing turkey wings in the poulty isle. It gets me thinking, can you deep fry (or bake) a turkey wing - making the largest possible Buffalo wings ever?

Has anyone done this before? Is there any reasons this wouldn't work? Woud it taste alright? I want to experiment, but I'm scared to try.

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  1. Turkey wings should work OK for this type of cooking, just remember to season them immediately AFTER they come out of the fryer. Don't season them before frying.
    You might also want to tie them prior to frying - turkey wings tend to have a mind of their own when dropped in a fryer.

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    1. re: todao

      I recently saw turkey legs being sold and wondered if I could fry them at home. Fried Turkey is heavenly, but since I rarely cook for more than three, can't justify investing in the big Turkey Fryer for whole turkeys.

      I don't have a fryer, can I just use my big lobster pot? How do I tell when the oil is hot enough, and also when the legs are done? I plan to throw cajun seasoning on them after frying.

      1. re: ideabaker

        Sure, you can use any suitable vessel that'll hold enough oil and allow you to carefully lay the turkey wings in it when hot. You can use any good cooking oil thermometer (I sometimes use a candy thermometer) to check the oil temperature. I've deep fried in a dutch oven, a Tamale pot, and other vessels without difficulty.
        Just be extremely careful. Hot oil spilled on hot surfaces creates a quick and nasty fire hazard and I'm sure you already know what it'll do it you get careless enough with it to make contact with your (or someone elses) skin.

        1. re: todao

          Thanks for the response... how hot should the oil be? I have a meat thermometer (the kind with the sharp metal point), not the glass candy one... would that worK? I have a cast iron Dutch Oven I rediscovered while digging through the cupboards... so am set there, two big turkey drumsticks would fit nicely side by side in there. Planned to use Canola.... any other tips? Especially oil temp to start! Thanks!

    2. The first and best wings I ever had were deep fried turkey wings. That is a great idea and I'll have to try it. I split my chicken wings into drummette and wing portions. Maybe that will help to keep them from flying away.

      1. Thanks for the tips, I think I might try it this weekend . . .

        1. I used to get frozen turkey wings (both drummette and flap), deep fry 'em, toss in sauce and sell them as 'pterodactyl wings'. Most people would say 'they must come from goldarned big chickens!", a few would say "must be turkey, right?". But it works like a charm - nuthin to ba ascared of ;-)
          I'd definitely go with the deep fry, not the bake

          1. So I went ahead and made the turkey wings this weekend. I didn't do them traditional Buffalo style, instead I dusted them in flour and used a hot sauce mix. The skin turned out well, but I wasn't a fan of the turkey meat inside - I just prefer chicken I guess. Thanks for your help though. You can see my results on my blog:


            Ideabaker: I wish I could help you with the deep frying in the dutch oven, or with the temp - I just set my deep fryer to its setting . . but I did use canola oil. Hopefully someone else can help you too!

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              Pictures look great. Just curious, whattya mean "didn't do them traditional Buffalo " style?

              1. re: porker

                Thanks porker . . . "Traditional Buffalo Style Wings" are chicken wings that are deep fried naked (no breading, flour dusting etc) and then sauced with a mixture of cayenne based hot sauce (usually Franks) butter/margarine and vinegar, as served by the birthplace of the wing, the Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY.

                Wing purists won't accept any variation, and to keep true to the name, I couldn't call them 'Buffalo Wings' .My wings were close to this, but I dusted them and added more ingredients into the sauce.

              2. re: LOTW

                Thanks LOTW... enjoyed your step by step process on your blog, particularly the last one as the human mouth is stretched about as big as it can get to consume the turkey wing! Since you were only able to get two wings in your deep fryer (I was given one as a gift two years ago and gave it away on a low-fat kick ; in my own butt now that I realize I need one) , I'm thinking I'll only be able to fit one turkey drumstick in the pot at a time. Will browse the internet to see if there are suggestions on temp and time. Thanks for posting this thread, with turkey all around, it is great to see what is possible with it!