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as jerry seinfeld would say, "what's the deal with ford's filling station?"

i cannot count the number of times i've heard that ford's is overpriced and overrated, yet there are ALWAYS tons of people there.
i wonder about it every time i go to honey's kettle to get my fried chicken on.
are these people not foodies who are just concerned with drinking, or is there something else there?
is there someone willing to stand up for ford's?

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  1. why don't you try them out and decide for yourself?

    1. When something is good, and especially when it's good and popular, there will always be naysayers. For me - although I've only eaten there twice - I thought the food - at least some of it - was pretty damn good. Especially the three cheese flat bread. Maybe it's not cheap, but like it or not - it's pretty good. Also conveniently located close to Sufas (Disneyland for foodies!)

      1. Answer is easy: Papa Harrison (also a plausible Seinfeld response).

        1. yeah - it's awful. but as my so and i love to say when we encounter awful and popular places:

          "people love jerry's."

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            What's awful about it? Be specific. I haven't had everything on the menu, obviously, but I can tell you that the flat bread, at least, is good - and I'm slightly obsessed with flat bread.

            Granted - a little pricey, but I wouldn't at all describe the food as 'awful.'

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                If Jerry's has flat bread it would only be because the delivery truck accidentally drove over it.

          2. I'll stand up. I love to sit on the patio, have a couple glasses of nice wine with the charcuterie/salumi plates. It's always wonderful. Burger is very good, too.

            1. It has celeb cachet. That can keep a place in LA open for years despite mediocre food.

              I've eaten there half a dozen times...after the first couple experiences I went only because others really wanted to try it. The flatbreads were really bland, the tempura style fish and chips uninspiring and the burger...godawful slab of undercooked meat with an overpowering double dollop of bleu cheese...and they left onion skins on the onion and I thought I was chewing on saran wrap. His food like the food at his old place Chadwick's, is derivative. It's like listening to Herman's Hermits when you want the Beatles.

              Best thing there was the pear buckle...

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                Agree totally. Terrible, pricey, sloppy food, but celeb cache. The design is pretty cool too. Like The Ivy or Mr. Chow, it has the Beverly Hills feel without being any good. Gastropub? Not in a million years. The sorriest one in Britain would die laughing. It's all about the hollywood connections...

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                  "It's like listening to Herman's Hermits when you want the Beatles."


                2. I've had a great food each time I've been to Ford's. Not that there aren't some dishes that may be a miss but I love the burrata flatbread and the ipswtich clams. Been there mostly for appetizers with beer and wine. The food is very hearty and I think in that way un-LA with its lighter palates and sushi loving ways.

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                    If you like the clams at Ford's, you need to try the Ipswich at Studio Diner in San Diego. It's right around the corner from my friend's mom's place in Serra Mesa and they do a fresh daily fly-in of whole belly clams, a totally different animal to the strips they serve at Ford's.

                    Studio Diner
                    4701 Ruffin Rd, San Diego, CA

                    I've only been to Ford's once, but I liked it. Some things were better than others, but I wouldn't call anything terrible. That said, I agree on the pricing- we went after a Dodgers game and there wasn't a late night menu or any deals. Seems like anyone eating dinner at 9:30-10 on a Wednesday could reasonably be said to be eating at a slow time. $112 for 2 apps, 2 dinners and 2 drinks seems steep to me. But maybe I'm just cheap. Still, I'd go again.

                  2. I stopped in the first year they opened for a burger, and liked it well enough to put it near the top of my list. Went back with Mrs. O and got the burger again (I do ruts really well!) and she got the charcuterie plate. Well, that was none too lavish for the money, and even at that it came with only enough bread for about half of the stuff. She asked for more, and they brought a whole 'nother plate! We all sorta went round and round about that, because apparently that plate was seen as an indissoluble unit, but the guy finally took the meat & cheese part back and comped it. Mrs. O said it was all very, very good, just hardly $18 worth or whatever the price was; we have since found other places to eat when in Culver City.

                    1. Me, I couldn't care less about Ben Ford, Harrison Ford, or Ally McFlockhart, but the three or four times I've been to Ford's I've found the food consistently decent-to-good and the prices reasonable. Not the best restaurant in Culver City, or even on the block, but the competition is stiff.

                      Why do people wait on line 45 minutes at Pink's to get Hormel chili on a Hoffy frankfurter stuffed into a Wonder Bread bun? The closest you'll get to a celebrity there is a photo of a bad Jack Nicholson impersonator. Or worse, Harlan Ellison.

                      1. i went once. i was disappointed. i felt like they had mediocre chefs preparing haute-sounding dishes. popularity of a restaurant is not a strong function of food quality. studies show people are more concerned about atmosphere and service. there are many amazingly awful chain restaurants full of people while good-quality restaurants struggle to keep their heads above water.

                        1. I'll stand up for Ford's. Especially now, when the earth is crashing, and I want to make sure to eat food that's worth my time and makes me feel good. If you haven't been there lately, they have it running and humming smoothly. It is a comfortable and reliable place to go eat. I love to go in and have their pulled pork panini, their delicious clam chowder, the pub burger, their curry, meatloaf and mashed potatos, and their cheese flatbread. It's as close to the cooking I remember at home which was delicious. I love the atmosphere too. and, the prices look good compared to other places with mediocre food. When I read about Ford's on other sites people love it. It's really just this site that's negative. So, I'll stand up - Ford's is great!