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Nov 19, 2008 01:24 PM

as jerry seinfeld would say, "what's the deal with ford's filling station?"

i cannot count the number of times i've heard that ford's is overpriced and overrated, yet there are ALWAYS tons of people there.
i wonder about it every time i go to honey's kettle to get my fried chicken on.
are these people not foodies who are just concerned with drinking, or is there something else there?
is there someone willing to stand up for ford's?

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  1. why don't you try them out and decide for yourself?

    1. When something is good, and especially when it's good and popular, there will always be naysayers. For me - although I've only eaten there twice - I thought the food - at least some of it - was pretty damn good. Especially the three cheese flat bread. Maybe it's not cheap, but like it or not - it's pretty good. Also conveniently located close to Sufas (Disneyland for foodies!)

      1. Answer is easy: Papa Harrison (also a plausible Seinfeld response).

        1. yeah - it's awful. but as my so and i love to say when we encounter awful and popular places:

          "people love jerry's."

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          1. re: dtud

            What's awful about it? Be specific. I haven't had everything on the menu, obviously, but I can tell you that the flat bread, at least, is good - and I'm slightly obsessed with flat bread.

            Granted - a little pricey, but I wouldn't at all describe the food as 'awful.'

              1. re: dtud

                If Jerry's has flat bread it would only be because the delivery truck accidentally drove over it.

          2. I'll stand up. I love to sit on the patio, have a couple glasses of nice wine with the charcuterie/salumi plates. It's always wonderful. Burger is very good, too.