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Nov 19, 2008 01:22 PM

Farmer's Market in Bakersfield, or a place to buy good produce?

I was wondering if anyone has gone to any of the farmer's markets in bakersfield lately. I wanted to go by one during the holidays to try to get some local produce, but I have heard that in the past a lot of the produce was just the same industrial agricultural tasteless stuff you find at large grocery stores. I've only heard this from a few people. I read this article online which says basically the same thing: . But....the article is old and the people I talked to haven't been to any of the markets recently.

Does anybody have any experience with the markets and the types of things they have there? Is there a good selection of things you might not find in the grocery stores?

If not...does anybody know of any produce markets that source locally and have fresh ingredients?

If anybody knows anything, I'd be very happy to hear! Thanks, Megan.

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  1. Follow-up: How is the Golden State Mall? I just read about it and what they are trying to do with it. It seems like it could be the best thing that has ever happened to Bakersfield if it works out....

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        Hi, I have not gone by the Bakersfield Farmers Markets lately.

        I searched under - farmers market Bakersfield, and I came up with a couple of old listings and phone numbers.

        I came upon your post while I was searching. The only thing I know is that the Farmer's Market is still going on. I intend to check it out this Sat. at the Golden State and F St. location.

    1. The Farmer's Market at Golden State Mall is OK, not great. One vendor, the biggest, does sell mostly store bought vegetables. I believe most of the rest are local. The asian woman from Fresno has some of the best vegetables.

      Golden State Mall Farmers Market:

      Murray Family Farms:

      I think the best source is a CSA (community supported agriculture) named Abundant Harvest Organics. You sign up for a small or large box of locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. Most of the farms are around Fresno. They deliver to Bakersfield every Saturday morning as well as other communities, including LA.

      Abundant Harvest Organics:

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        Thank you for your post. I have been living in Bakersfield for a bit now, and wanted to visit the Farmers Market at the Golden State Mall, too. But I also have heard of how Farmer's Markets sell the same stuff you'd find at the grocery store and not the food from local, sustainable farms. We hope to visit the Farmer's Market held at the Golden State Mall on Saturday, and maybe we'll find the organic fruits and vegetables from Fresno that you mentioned. I will also look into Abundant Harvest Organics.

        Recent links I've found:

        Kern Farmer's Markets


        Bakersfield Food & Farmers' Markets

        Hope these links help others that are also looking for local, sustainable produce in the Bakersfield area.

      2. I've also come across this link:

        California Certified Farmers' Markets

        If you search for Bakersfield, it will list which Farmers' Markets there are in town. :)

        1. There is a web page to get Organi Fresh produce every week, I get fresh organic and pretty tasty fruits and vegetables every week.

          web page https ://
          They deliver every saturday in Bakersfield from 8 am to 12

          1. Brimhall farmers markets on Saturday and Sunday carry local grown or grown as nearby as possible. It's really good food. Last weekend I picked up 8-10 persimmons, 4 avacados, a basket of blueberries and a basket of strawberries. Usually theit's a milk vendor ,delicious fresh bread, fresh fish, hummus and flat bread, coffee, a pepper and seasonings booth, fruits and veggies, dog treats, last weekend there was handmade pastas. Usually prices are reasonable. I enjoy going as often as we can.