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Best Smoked Turkey?

The only turkey I've tried was at Iron Works and it was very dry. Any recommendations?

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  1. I eat turkey at Rudy's every time we eat there. I have never had a bad experience with it, the number one reason being it is always tender.

    1. No recommendation, just a warning. The turkey at Stubb's was the worst I've ever had--pure shoe leather. The barbecue there is no good anyway, but the turkey was inedible.

      1. Believe it or not, I enjoy the turkey at Poke-e-joe's. Tuesday it is the special with two sides and texas toast for around $6.99.

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          I'll second Pok-e-jos! I usually get the family pack which is 1 & 1/2 lbs. of meat and 3 sides plus almost 1/2 loaf of bread for about $24. I almost always get these sides: baked potato casserole, green bean casserole, & jalapeno cornbread dressing. On weekends you get a 1/2 lb. of their great sausage for another $4 or so. My plan for Thanksgiving but reserve one early. And load up on sliced jalapenos for nachos!

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            Had the family pack with turkey and sausage. Compared favorbly to recent visit to Salt Lick where I liked their turkey too. Also love their hot sweet pickles at the condiment bar.

        2. Try Greenberg's Smoked Turkey in Tyler Texas. NPR did a piece on them a few years back that you can probably find on google.

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            I assumed that the OP was looking for a restaurant that serves smoked turkey because of the Iron Works mention. If you are looking for a whole smoked turkey, however, I wholeheartedly disagree with the Greenberg's recommendation. I bought one last year for Christmas, and it was my first and last Greenberg turkey. It gets rave reviews in some quarters, but I found it to have an overpowering kerosene flavor. The in-laws were trying to be polite by claiming that it was not bad, but everyone eventually 'fessed up--not a single person in a house of 9 people would want it again.

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              It is very heavily smoked to the extent that the skin is inedible to many. To some people this level of smoke is overpowering. I like this level of smoke in condiment quantities of meat and so like it. If you eat a lot of meat it is probably cloying . I am not a big turkey fan and anything that relieves the sheer blandness of the meat is good.

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                Creosote. It means they were improperly smoked (or maybe people think they like them that way and did it on purpose).

                Hoovers is advertising smoked and fried turkeys, but thery're not cheap ($55 14-16lbs, I think).

                And believe it or not, those smoked turkeys at HEB for $1.99/lb are very good when reheated properly.

            2. I have a warning for you as well. Don't get the turkey at Ruby's. It didn't have any smoky flavor at all. Tasted like dry Thanksgiving turkey. It's too bad, too, because I liked the place & the people were friendly.

              I've ordered smokey turkey at Po-Ke-Jo's, Rudy's, Bone Daddy's, County Line and Hill's. All of those were pretty good, tender, and not dry. Po-Ke-Jo's can have some off days, and there's not a lot to rave about aside from the turkey. Hill's used to be better, but have fallen off their game recently. County Line is probably most consistent. I'm not sure any would qualify as "best" in town, but I've enjoyed them all. Maybe I haven't had the "best" yet.

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                Make your way over to Green Mesquite.Their barbecue isn't very good but they have the best smoked Turkey sandwich I've tried in Austin.They serve it with handcut fries that, although not double dipped are of good quality.

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                  I'll second the recommendation of the turkey at County Line. Most of their BBQ is rather forgettable, but the smoked turkey was moist and delicious.

                2. New Braunfels Smokehouse is tops for great smoked turkey. Google their website for details.

                  1. Where do I find those big, juicy turkey legs one gets at the state/county fairs ? I'd like to incorporate those into my daily life a little more -- walk around town with a leg-in-hand, chipping away at it all day long. It would be like another appendage. I want to say I've seen them at Central Market and other grocery stores with the rotisserie birds, but can't remember. If they are there, are they smoked and are they any good ?

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                      HEB sells a very decent individually vacuum-wrapped smoked turkey leg in their meat department.

                    2. just down Highway 71 is the LaGrange Smokehouse which does a dandy job with its smoked turkeys as well as a whole range of smoked meats. They charge $3.35 lb. for 8-10 lb. smoked turkeys, and if you don't feel like making a trip to LaGrange, they will ship the turkeys right to your door. (Although you could talk yourself into the trip if you consider that you could also visit Weikel's Store and Bakery for kolaches.) http://www.lagrangesmokehouse.com/pro...

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                        thanks for the suggestions. I ended up going with green mesquite for the sake of convenience and was pleased with the results. It was nice and moist with just the right amount of smokey flavor.

                      2. Wanted to bump this thread for Christmas; anyone have additions?

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                          Sorry I missed the Christmas time frame but if you live up north Johnny T's BBQ place on 620 across from Round Rock High School has the best turkey and pulled pork I have had in ages. I also like his sauce alot (he has a spicy and a regular, which I usually mix together)