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Nov 19, 2008 01:06 PM

Turkish Restaurants in Westwood Area

I am looking for some good Turkish restaurants in the Westwood area, but would be willing to travel a half hour away for some excellent Ottoman cuisine! Thank you so much.


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  1. There's hardly any Turkish restaurants at all in L.A., but wasn't there a sort of Turkish place in the Westside Pavilion food court?

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Yes, it "was" called Sofra, but it closed. The same owners opened a new one down the road a bit in Palms both of which are mini-mall fast food style:

      Over the hill, is Sako's in Reseda, but I haven't tried it yet so this is just FYI. More elegant than above, but you're not exactly lounging on sofas while you're wined, dined, and entertained in grand Ottoman splendor either (check out the linked blog report at the bottom of their home page):


      1. re: JBC

        Sako's is located in a former coffee shop/pie shop behind a hall that is rented out for occasions. That said (somewhat difficult to find), the food is well worth the effort. Since I had the best meal of my life in Istanbul a while ago, I just have this hankering for Turkish food and despite the kind of down home atmorpher, kind of zero ambiance, the warm welcome and the very personal service of the staff plus the food makes up for it. Wish I could remember what we ate but it was all good and now my new dentist is in the area, will go back and give it another whirl.

        PS I thought Sofra just kind of "Middle Eastern" rather than Turkish. Did hear there was a Turkish restaurant on Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance and the LA Times did a mini review a year or so ago on a Turkish lunch place down town in the Jewelry Mart district but never did try it or even find it.

        1. re: ZoeZ

          i believe the turkish joint you are talking about is the one located in the alley behind the st vincent's jewelry mart. it is a cafe/deli/grocer. cheap and good eats.

          1. re: wilafur

            i don't remember the Times reviewing a Turkish restaurant. anyhow, what's the name and locale of the downtown turkish restaurant, do they happen to serve iskander kabab there.?

            1. re: kevin

              i truthfully do not recall. i went there years ago when i was working in dtla.

            2. re: wilafur

              I think you are talking about Garo's Deli in St. Vincent's Alley, but I believe its Armenian.

              1. re: noshie

                ooh, i believe you are correct.

                1. re: wilafur

                  Last time I was there, Garo's had wonderful sandwiches, basturma, soujouk, Armenian ravioli, lentil soups, etc. Very nice owners too.

                  1. re: noshie

                    what is armenian ravioli? and can you eat the ravioli there, or do you have to prepare it at home. what other great sandwiches do they have?

                    lastly do you happen to have an address on this one? i presume it's reasonable in price too, in which case i'll have to add it to my recessionary times budget list.

                    1. re: kevin

                      Garo's Deli
                      639 S Broadway
                      Los Angeles, CA 90014
                      (213) 622-1161

                      1. re: kevin

                        I had the bowl of ravioli there, I recall them being thick meat ravioli, I don't recall if it was a white or red sauce, they were very hearty though, not quite as basiley as Italian ones, its been some time though.

                        The sandwiches were very reasonable, nice and big on wonderful rolls. You can eat there in St. Vincent alley, or inside. You can have your sandwich hot and with cheese, different meats in the deli case, served with hot peppers.

                        You can pick up boxes of Turkish delight there too and have a cup of dark Turkish coffee in small cups.

                        Overall, a wonderful place in the jewelry district, very reasonable.

        2. You might want to contact the Turkish Consulate here in LA, the western offices of their Washington DC headquarters, and ask them the question.
          A friend of mine left yesterday morning, returning home to Istanbul, and was hoping to find something here in his 3 weeks back in the states, yet did not.
          Have to believe the staff there knows of some places.

          1. yes, I think you'll have to go up to the valley, as others post suggest.

            There is, however, a bulgarian place (called Danube) on westwood blvd. that serves Imam Bayaldi and other Turkish influenced food.

            1. Yeah, Sofra on Venice is probably your best bet on the west side.