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Nov 19, 2008 11:35 AM

Papabubble? Looking for good hard candy..

I am always on the lookout for local sources of hard candy. (Are these known as boiled sweets?) I usually stock up in Italy (my latest addiction is to Baratti and Milano Rosa Canina from Turin) but I see that a branch of this Spanish chain is now open in Broome Street. How is their candy? And recommended flavors? Thanks.

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  1. I'm no help here, but I had wondered the same thing - thanks for asking the question!!

    1. I'm no hard candy expert, but I really liked Papabubble. Besides being beautiful, the flavors were very strong, in a good way. I think I had a mix of fruit ones, plus ginger, lavendar, some other spices (this was a long time ago so it's hard to remember). They had a good cherry one, I believe. They give you a sample as you walk in the door, which is always a bonus :)

      They are pretty expensive, and there are plenty of other sweets out there that I'd rather spend money on, which is why I never went back. But as hard candy goes they are the best I've had (again, I'm no expert)...

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        Thanks, Emilie. I am guessing that if they are very expensive, I might also have more exciting things to spend my money on than hard candy! But I will check them out..