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Nov 19, 2008 11:11 AM

Any local rec's for W.60th/ Columbus? New to neighborhood

Hello. My friend just moved to the city to (lower) UWS, on the corner or W. 60th St. & Columbus, 1 block away from Columbus Circle. He's a sales rep who works from home, so he'll be spending a lot of time in/near his apartment.

Other than all of the restaurants in the Time Warner buildings, does anyone have any suggestions for local spots? Breakfast places, coffee shops (works on his laptop a lot), lunch/dinner spots for locals, etc. Anything within a 5 block radius ideally.

Thank you!

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  1. 9th Avenue (heading south from 59 strreet) has too many options to list. I'd suggest your friend start exploring the many eats there.

    1. I think Fika is quite close by - Swedish coffee, sandwiches, etc.

      1. I really like the sushi at damo damo on 58th, just west of 8th.

        1. jean george in the (very ugly) trump building is excellent and not as costly as you'd think.
          Good bar too.