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Nov 19, 2008 11:10 AM

Colorado Kitchen in DC

I came down to DC two springs ago to visit daughter, and had an amazing brunch at the Colorado Kitchen. I still think about that meal. Everything was perfect. I've heard through that the Kitchen has closed. Is this true. If so, then why?

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  1. It IS closed. Search the Washington Post web site and you can get the entire scoop. Gillian Clark is opening a new restaurant in Silver Spring, but it is not open yet.

    1. The most succinct answer is here:

      Chef Clark is hoping to open the "General Store & Post Office" in the coming weeks and a Eastern European place called ?Avenue Oven?? in Takoma Park in the coming months.

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        Thank you both. I'm glad to see that Chef Clark didn't close Colorado Kitchen because her business failed, that she "pulled the plug" herself in order to move on to another concept. It really was a brilliant brunch that day, two springs ago. I had meals on that trip at Dino, Bistrot Du Coin, Kavanagh's, Cafe Des Artistes (Leonardtown), Cantler's, and Mark's Duck House (not to mention soft ice cream at Hovermale's), and I'd have to say that that brunch was the best.