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Nov 19, 2008 11:00 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Medford/Ashland/Grants Pass

We are planning a trip up to Southern Oregon Thanksgiving weekend. We have been there before and are just looking for a recommendation on where to have Thanksgiving dinner. We have had Thanksgiving dinner at the Wolf Creek Inn, which is near Grants Pass in the small town of Wolf Creek in the past, but thought the quality dropped when they switched to doing it as a buffet.

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  1. How about New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro in Talent? Talent is just south of Medford on old Hwy. 99. They just had a write-up in the NY Times! Not sure if they're open but they definitely have great food.

    1. summerjos' is supposed to be a good one.
      Reservations for
      Thanksgiving at Summer Jo's
      A Rogue Valley Tradition
      November 27, 2008

      Seatings at
      Noon & 6:00 PM

      Amuse Bouche
      Dungeness Crab Gougere

      Autumn Butternut Squash Soup
      with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

      Summer Jo Salad Greens with
      Vinaigrette and Pears, Pomegranate,
      and Toasted Walnuts

      Lemon Verbena Sorbet

      Choice of:

      Traditional Roasted Turkey
      (both white and dark meat) $28

      Beef Wellington $29

      Vegetarian Housemade Cannelloni with Hazelnut
      Sage Brown Butter $26

      All entrees include Maple-roasted Yams,
      Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, Thyme-and-Sausage
      Stuffing, Cranberry Chutney

      1. Cal,
        You also might try T's in Ashland. The Chef has won a number of awards lately. For some strange reason I haven't been yet but have heard good things.
        Still, if Sammy's was open I'd head there first if for no other reason than their wine list and knowledge. BBoy thinks I go their too much.


        1. Just wanted to let everyone know that we went to Summerjo's in Grants Pass. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner there, and plan to return again when we are back in the area. It would be a great place to eat on a warm summer day, because you can eat at the tables set up on the back lawn near the vegetable garden.

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