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Nov 19, 2008 10:57 AM

Perfect way to end the day

My BF and I are having lunch at Cafe Boulud on friday as part of Open Table's Appetite Stimulus plan, after which we plan to hit up the MET and then a walk around Central Park. I'm looking for things to do in the evening that would be a perfect end to the day. Specially looking for recommendations for dinner/drinks places that are romantic, yet simple and kinda down-to-earthish. My BF is all about simplicity (I wonder how we even get along as I'm all over the top with everything), and I want to make this day really special as he's moving to France right after thnxgiving for about 6-8 months. Any cuisine or neighbourhood is good, though would love to be around the upper west/east side as we will already be around the hood, and also we hardly ever trek up there. Price range about 50 per person including a glass of wine, and tax.


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  1. Ok I just changed my mind already :)...I think cuisine-wise I would prefer something ethnic...so please keep this in mind when making your recommendations. Thanks!

    1. Can't think of a restaurant at the moment... but if you're looking to grab a drink somewhere nice to end the day, I would stop by at either place below. You may want to call to see how busy Fridays are for walk-ins. Have fun!

      Upper West Side
      The Lounge (inside at The Mandarin Hotel, 35th FL)

      Stone Rose Lounge (in the Time Warner Buildings, 4th FL

      Upper East Side
      The Rose Club or The Champagne Room (both inside the Plaza Hotel

      The Carlyle Hotel (two bars/lounges there, both with a lot of NYC history & class)

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        Have to second the Lounge in the Mandarin if you are in the mood for an upscale cocktail (they also have nice nibbles!). Also really like Casellula on 52nd and 9th I think. Wine bar with light food; very enjoyable, casual atmosphere.

      2. hop the train down to prune.
        it's as simple as that.

        1. Bar Bao...100 W.82nd St...Vietnamese/quasi-Vietnamese food in comfy loungey setting w/ nice staff and soft lighting...

          1. persepolis is a really nice persian place on the upper east. it has a nice romantic ambience and would prob fit in that price range.